'Grandma' Esther Walton
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'Grandma' Esther Walton (Character)
from "The Waltons" (1971)

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"The Waltons: The Theft (#2.4)" (1973)
'Grandma' Esther Walton: Jim Bob! Jason! You're playing cards in this house?
Jason Walton: Well, it's not a gambling game Grandma.
John 'John Boy' Walton Jr.: Well, I don't see anything too evil about Go Fish, Grandma.
'Grandma' Esther Walton: Go Fish today and Poker tomorrah! The evils of gambling can put down roots in shallow ground!

"The Waltons: The Venture (#3.24)" (1975)
Olivia: I'm so sick of this damned depression!
'Grandma' Esther Walton: Olivia!

"The Waltons: The Air Mail Man (#2.13)" (1973)
Mary Ellen Walton: [while helping serve dinner] It must be awful to be somebody's wife and have to do this every day of your life!
'Grandma' Esther Walton: Well, if you don't learn to be a little more pleasant, you won't have that problem to worry about!

Spencer's Mountain (1963)
Grandma Spencer: [as Clayboy prepares to leave for college] Don't take up any fancy ways, Clayboy. Trust in God and go to church.

"The Waltons: The Literary Man (#1.11)" (1972)
Olivia Walton: [Jim Bob says he doesn't feel well] His forehead feels clammy. I wonder what it is.
'Grandma' Esther Walton: Well, it's too late for spring fever and too early for summer doldrums. I'll brew him some tea.

"The Waltons: The Separation (#2.3)" (1973)
Olivia Walton: [after the power company man has shut off the Waltons' electricity] I've been so fearful that the day would finally come when we couldn't pay our bills.
'Grandma' Esther Walton: You fear a thing enough, you're askin' fer it.

"The Waltons: The Cradle (#2.19)" (1974)
John Walton, Sr.: [after Olivia complains that supper smells awful] It's not like your Momma to get sick over the smell of food.
'Grandma' Esther Walton: It's happened twice before.
'Grandpa' Zebulon Walton: When was that?
'Grandma' Esther Walton: When she was carrying Jim Bob and when she was carrying Elizabeth!