John Walton, Sr.
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John Walton, Sr. (Character)
from "The Waltons" (1971)

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Spencer's Mountain (1963)
Clay Spencer: I learned to cuss before I could walk.

Olivia Spencer: Must you, we got company!
Clay Spencer: [drunk] Come open your arms because I'm going to kiss those ruby lips right off you
[attempting to kiss her]
Olivia Spencer: Oh Clay Stop it! Behave yourself the minister and Ms Parker are in there
Clay Spencer: Oh good for Ms Parker
[continues to kiss and grab his wife]
Olivia Spencer: Clay Stop Clay!
Clay Spencer: I love you woman

Clay Spencer: I can now all I need was the boy being accepted, he's my Collateral
[he leaves]
Clay Spencer: [Dean's secretary leaves]
Dean's Secretary: You must live for days like this.
[to the Dean]

Clay Spencer: You mean to say that not one single hymn-shoutin', foot-washin' hypocrite showed up?

Preacher, Mountain Church: [concerned about the new preacher's supposed drinking] I've heard rumors that...
Clay Spencer: Bah! He never had a drink in his life before *I* poured it on him. I'd sure hate to see your whole congregation get stunk up tonight. Once them skunks start sprayin' their skunk juice around, they say you *never* get the stink out.

Olivia Spencer: It wouldn't surprise me at all if the good lord Himself kept Clayboy from gettin' that scholarship.
Clay Spencer: Why'd the Lord wanna' do that?
Olivia Spencer: Well, after the graduation we were all so puffed up, and braggin' about him so, and, well, pride cometh before a fall. If the Lord put you on this earth to be poor, poor you're going to be. And if you're born ignorant, well then you're destined to *die* ignorant!
Clay Spencer: Where the hell did you pick up a piece of information like that?
Olivia Spencer: In the Bible, and you stop swearing!
Clay Spencer: Show me where it says something like that!
Olivia Spencer: Well, I, I can't exactly show you *where,* but I heard a preacher...
Clay Spencer: Woman, you been listening to too many preachers!

Clay Spencer: [looking at portrait paintings on the wall outside the dean's office] Well, they look smart, but I wonder if any of 'em ever did an honest day's work?

Dean Beck: What do you have against preachers?
Clay Spencer: It's what they preach *against* I'm against.
Dean Beck: I'm afraid I don't understand?
Clay Spencer: They're against everything I'm for. They don't allow drinkin' or smokin', card playin', pool shootin', dancin', cussin' - or huggin', kissin' and lovin'. And mister, I'm for *all* of them things.

Clay Spencer: Papa dead?
Dr. Campbell: No, he's alive, Clay, but it can't be for long. He's broken nearly every bone in his body. I gave him enough morphine to get him down the mountain.
Clay Spencer: [to Clayboy] Better get down there, son. Prepare the women for bad news.

"The Waltons: The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (#1.0)" (1971)
Olivia: What are we going to live on this coming week?
John: Love, Woman.

Elizabeth: Good night, John Boy.
John-Boy: Good night, Elizabeth. Good night, Daddy.
John: Good night, Son. Good night, Mary Ellen.
Mary Ellen: Good night, Daddy. Good night, Mama.
Olivia: Good night, Mary Ellen. Good night, Jim Bob.
Jim Bob: Good night, Mama. Good night, Erin.
Erin: Good night, Jim Bob. Good night, Ben.
Ben: Good night, Erin. Good night, everybody.

John: [John-Boy had just received a bunch of tablets from his father] I wonder how word got all the way to the North Pole that you wanted to be a writer.
John-Boy: [Near tears] Well I guess he must be a right smart man.
John: I don't know a thing about the writing trade, son. But if you wanna take it up, you gotta give it your best.

John: You won't be having another day like this one. I'm not going back.
Olivia: You quit your job?
John: I think hard times are almost over. I think the country is going to get better. Until it does get better, I'll make a living here on Walton's Mountain.

"The Waltons: The Outrage: Part 2 (#9.2)" (1980)
John Walton, Sr.: [to Verdie after he brings Harley home] One of the last things President Roosevelt did was sign Harley's pardon.

John Walton, Sr.: [as the train bearing the body of President Roosevelt passes by] Goodnight, Mr. President.

"The Waltons: The Return (#6.20)" (1978)
John 'John Boy' Walton, Jr.: [as Grandpa Walton rides off in a huff on Blue, the mule] Now where do you suppose he's goin'?
John Walton, Sr.: All I know is I keep hurtin' his feelins'.
John 'John Boy' Walton, Jr.: Fathers are kinda hard to raise, aren't they?

"The Waltons: The Foundling (#1.1)" (1972)
Elizabeth Walton: Daddy, where DID you find me?
John Walton, Sr.: Well, hiding behind one of your mamma's smiles, honey.

"The Waltons: The Dust Bowl Cousins (#1.12)" (1972)
Mary Ellen Walton: Ohhh, I'm gonna be thirteen forever! It's absolutely the worst possible time in a person's whole entire life!
Olivia Walton: You'll live through it. C'mon.
Mary Ellen Walton: Ohhh, some days I just hate to face the world! I'd like to just sit up in my room and not have to say a word to a soul.
Olivia Walton: That's natural at your age.
Mary Ellen Walton: I'm gonna die on Waltons Mountain and never see anything of the world but Charlottesville!
John Walton, Sr.: Now, sugar, I think it's time you found out. The world is flat. Twenty miles past Charlottesville, it just drops off into nothin'.
Mary Ellen Walton: Oh, Daddy, it's not funny!

"The Waltons: The Scholar (#1.21)" (1973)
James Robert 'Jim Bob' Walton: Daddy?
John Walton, Sr.: Yeah, Jim Bob?
James Robert 'Jim Bob' Walton: Will you wake me when you get up in the morning?
John Walton, Sr.: Sure thing. Big plans for tomorrow?
James Robert 'Jim Bob' Walton: Um hmmm. Elizabeth and I are gonna dig a hole straight through to China and I wanna get an early start.
John Walton, Sr.: Good night, Jim Bob.
James Robert 'Jim Bob' Walton: Good night, Daddy.

"The Waltons: The Thanksgiving Story (#2.10)" (1973)
John Walton, Sr.: Liv, sometimes you can be as sweet and cool and welcomin' as a brook in springtime. But you can, without decent warnin' to me, change into the most stiff-necked, hard-edged, prideful woman I ever saw!

"The Waltons: The Best Christmas (#5.12)" (1976)
John Walton, Sr.: It's always nice to take on the impossible now and again.

"The Waltons: The Cradle (#2.19)" (1974)
John Walton, Sr.: [after Olivia complains that supper smells awful] It's not like your Momma to get sick over the smell of food.
'Grandma' Esther Walton: It's happened twice before.
'Grandpa' Zebulon Walton: When was that?
'Grandma' Esther Walton: When she was carrying Jim Bob and when she was carrying Elizabeth!