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Biography for
Bizarro (Character)
from Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012) (VG)

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Bizarro is a supervillain. He is an enemy of Superman.

He is an inversion of Superman with gray or chalk-white skin, a twisted sense of logic which typically manifests as a superficial "opposite" of anything Superman would do or say and a resultant speech pattern ("Me am going to kill you" would mean "I will save you" in Bizarro speech). He is a phantom escaped from Phantom zone and took Clarks DNA, along with his memories and feelings and made new body for himself

Bizarro's only weakness is blue Kryptonite and Yellow Sun (sunlight) makes his face stoned, and green kryptonite gives him strenth.

Bizarro has chalky and sometimes rock-like skin, a pale complexion, and a misshapen face. While the original Bizarro costume was identical to Superman's, he later changed it to one with a reversed S-shield so he could be even more imperfect.

Bizarro, at erratic intervals, emerges to help or hinder Superman; the decision as to which being seemingly random, and the same amount of trouble caused either way.

Bizarro has reversed powers like "x-ray hearing" and "spotlight vision". Instead of possessing heat vision and freeze breath like Superman, he has freeze vision and flame breath. He is physically as powerful as Superman and can hold his own against him.

He is a member of the Legion of Doom.

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