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Trotter (Character)
from The Comebacks (2007)

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The Comebacks (2007)
Trotter: [Buddy Boy is blocking Trottter's locker] Out of my way, fat ass. You finally decide to block something and it's my locker?
Buddy Boy: I was just gonna drop off an invitation to my birthday party. FYI, there's going to be a petting zoo.
Lance Truman: Nice. Score one for Trotter, which is one more than he had yesterday.
[throws ball at Trotter, who catches it as team oooohhhs]
Trotter: Look, man, why don't you pretend this thing is a football, and just drop it?
[team ooohhhs louder]
Lance Truman: Why don't you act like a barbell and get benched?
[team cheers]
Trotter: Why don't you pretend this whole thing is a basket full of groceries and get sacked?
[team yells]
Buddy Boy: Hey, hey! Why don't you act like my parents, go upstairs and have some makeup sex?
[team look at each other, confused]
Buddy Boy: [big fight occurs]
[coach walks in]
Lambeau "Coach" Fields: Hey! Knock it off! Knock it off!
[Randy winces in pain as Coach repeatedly slams his head into a locker and then kicks him in the ribs]
Lambeau "Coach" Fields: Now, you listen to me. This is a team. And the only way we're going to win is when you start acting like one. And you can sure as hell bet that no one is leaving this locker room until you understand what being a team is all about.
[walks out slamming door]