The Green Hornet
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The Green Hornet (Character)
from The Green Hornet (2011)

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"The Green Hornet: The Silent Gun (#1.1)" (1966)
The Green Hornet: Is a rumor worth killing for?

The Green Hornet: Do we have a deal?
Al Trump: What's your cut?
The Green Hornet: Half.
Al Trump: That's highway robbery!
The Green Hornet: Another highway might lead right to the cemetery, Trump.

Dan Carley: I kill, Hornet. I don't lie.
The Green Hornet: That's something I have to find out.

"The Green Hornet: May the Best Man Lose (#1.15)" (1966)
Calvin Ryland: [to his brother Warren] This is a side of you I didn't know about.
The Green Hornet: Your brother has many sides, Mr. Ryland, and quite a few angles.

The Green Hornet: [riding through town, sitting in the backseat of the Black Beauty] Who do you work for?
Jack Starkey: I told you - just me.
The Green Hornet: Listen, Starkey. Even a fish that smells as bad as you has a head. Who is it?

"The Green Hornet: Hornet, Save Thyself (#1.23)" (1967)
The Green Hornet: That sounds like Page One stuff to me.

The Green Hornet: Dale Hyde must have been delayed.

"Batman: The Spell of Tut (#2.7)" (1966)
The Green Hornet: [the Green Hornet and Kato stick their heads out a window while Batman and Robin are climbing the wall outside] What are you doing here?
Batman: I might ask you the same question.
The Green Hornet: Pursuing the enemies of law and order, wherever they happen to be.
Batman: Aren't you in the wrong city?
The Green Hornet: On special assignment for "The Daily Sentinel." You know my aide, Kato.
Batman: Robin, the Boy Wonder.
The Green Hornet: Well, I don't want to hold you up from your crimefighting.
Batman: Thank you. And good luck to you, Mister Hornet.
Kato: Nice to have met you.
[Kato and the Green Hornet go back in, and shut the window]
Robin: Gosh, Batman, what are they dressed like *that* for?
Batman: [shrugs] Hmmph?

"The Green Hornet: The Secret of the Sally Bell (#1.13)" (1966)
The Green Hornet: Doctor, you either come with us willingly or you'll be carried.

"The Green Hornet: Invasion from Outer Space: Part 2 (#1.25)" (1967)
The Green Hornet: When there's action I like to be in on it.

"Batman: A Piece of the Action (#2.51)" (1967)
Reprint: We have visitors, boss.
Colonel Gumm: What, in the middle of my midnight snack? I've just warmed up this alphabet soup.
Reprint: [more urgent] Masked vistors!
Colonel Gumm: [drops his spoon] Batman and Robin?
The Green Hornet: [enters heroically] Not Batman and Robin!