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Gaia (Character)
from "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" (1990)

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"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: A Hero for Earth (#1.1)" (1990)
Gaia: [after seeing the picture of Greedly's oil-drilling and one of oil spilling into a river on Planet Vision, sees factories polluting the air, cars polluting the air, a bird clutching garbage flying over a trashed ocean, a deforested land] It's worse than I thought! Earth is dying.

Gaia: [after the Planeteers' transportation, floats down to them] Welcome, to Hope Island!
Wheeler: Yo, say, lady - you wanna explain what's going on here?
Gaia: [chuckles] Hm. So much for drama.

Wheeler: [seeing Wind and Earth are two powers] Hey, what's my element? Water? Fire?
[his ring shoots a blast of fire, setting alight the wood floor]
Wheeler: Yow! Sorry. You got an extinguisher?
Gaia: Better than that. Gi, your power is Water.
Gi: All right. Here it goes - Water!
[causes a column of it to arise from the river which sweeps over the hut and the Planeteers, who yell out]
Wheeler: Nice job, toots. I'm all wet.
Linka: You certainly are. At least the fire is out.
Wheeler: Oh, yeah.

Kwame: What do you think *your* power is, Ma-Ti?
Ma-Ti: I already know.
[his ring glows as he looks up; without moving his lips]
Ma-Ti: Mine - is Heart. I can sense you all, hear your thoughts, feel your feelings!
Linka: Bosha moy. I can hear him - in my head!
Gaia: [touching his shoulder, his arm] That's right. Ma-Ti, yours is the greatest power of all. Because without a Heart to guide them, the other powers are useless. Through you the others will always be linked, no matter where they are.

Gaia: [appearing] Don't worry, Planeteers. Though I need to stay at Hope Island, I will be with you in spirit.
Wheeler: Fat lot of good that'll do us in a fire-fight!
[his ring causes a blaze on the aisle floor]
Ma-Ti: Wheeler, don't say "fire" until you mean it!

Kwame: And if we encounter a situation which we cannot handle?
Gaia: Well, just put your powers together. Then you'll *really* be surprised.
Wheeler: [stands] Wait a minute! What's *that* supposed to mean?
Gi: Sit down, Yankee.
Linka: And fasten the seat-belt for your safety.
Wheeler: [amused] Didn't know you cared.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: If It's Doomsday, This Must Be Belfast (#3.12)" (1992)
Gi: Did you know that whales may be as smart as humans?
Wheeler: [grinning] Then why haven't they invented anything?
Gaia: You mean like weapons that could end all life on Earth?

Ma-Ti: People would not kill each other over simple quarrels.
Gaia: These aren't simple quarrels. Each one is a blood-fued that has gone on for generations. Hate has become stronger than logic.

Gaia: If an atomic bomb goes off, even Captain Planet couldn't save you.
Kwame: [running to stand before her with the others] Gaia, we must go!
Gi: Yeah; right!
Wheeler: Right, you gotta let us try!
Linka: Dah!
Gaia: [grinning] And Skumm said there's no hope for humanity.

Ma-Ti: Gaia, how do we overcome such hate?
Gaia: With the truth.

[last lines]
Linka: Gaia, six people have learned to forgive. But millions more have not.
Gi: We have not ended anything.
Gaia: No. But you've made a beautiful beginning.
[the others agree]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Two Futures: Part 1 (#1.24)" (1991)
Gaia: Wheeler - what have you *done*?
Wheeler: I stopped being a Planeteer so I wouldn't die in an ice-cave. That's all.
Gaia: No, that's *not* all. You've changed history; look!
Wheeler: [glances behind where she points to see a man in a tank-top sit on a curb then take out a newspaper to fan himself, wipes his own forehead] Yeah. It's hot. And it was cold, a minute ago. But wait a second!
[whirls back to her]
Wheeler: How could I change the weather? All I did was quit the Planeteers!

Wheeler: [of Greedly and Rigger's time-travel that caused the increased global-warming] Why didn't Captain Planet stop them?
Gaia: Captain Planet does *not exist*. You changed history. You never joined the Planeteers, so there *are* no Planeteers. They each went their own separate ways.
Wheeler: [sees the Time Pool's image of the others parting] Aw, c'mon, Gaia, you could've found someone else to be a Planeteer instead of me.
Gaia: No. Each individual has a unique role to play. You were supposed to set an example for countless others.

Wheeler: [about to enter the future] Man, I'll see all the progress, the new inventions... This is *excellent*!
Gaia: We'll see if you like what you find.

Gaia: MAL, send Wheeler into the future.
MAL: Oh, really? What if I refuse?
Gaia: You're right near the North Pole. What if the Earth's magnetic field suddenly gets a lot more... powerful?
MAL: [looks worried as he begins to shake and sport static] Wait...
[something bangs offscreen]
MAL: Ow! Don't - Stop! The magnetism will erase my data!
[a part hits the monitor]
MAL: Oww! All right, I'll do it. No need to get geophysical.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Rain of Terror (#1.2)" (1990)
Wheeler: What's the trouble, Gaia? And who's the rat responsible?
Gaia: Rat indeed, Wheeler. This time the culprit is the most sinister rodent that ever lived - Verminous Skumm.
Wheeler: [seeing his picture] He's an exterminator's worst nightmare.

Ma-Ti: [she appears while he is on the wall] I cannot make it.
Gaia: Yes, you can, Ma-Ti. The only thing holding you back is your fear. Look into your heart, and you'll find all the strength you need.
[his rings glows]
Gaia: With courage, you can accomplish anything. The power is yours.

Gaia: The feeling that one person can't make a difference is the greatest obstacle of all.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Predator (#2.5)" (1991)
Wheeler: All *right*! Life is Good but wind-surfing's great! AHH!
Gaia: [appears] Sorry to take the wind out of your sails, Wheeler, but we need you.
Linka: [he arrives at the Crystal Chamber] Wheeler, you are all wet - as usual.
Wheeler: This better be good.
Gaia: I'm afraid it's very bad.
[turns on the Planet Vision]
Gaia: Argos Bleak is harpooning everything in sight that has a dorsal fin. That nurse shark is *not* a man-eater. It's *afraid* of people.
Linka: [as he raises what he harpooned, sees the carcasses of others he already hung on the boat's side] Apparently with good reason.
Gaia: Those sharks weren't dangerous. And they don't stand a chance against Bleak's hunting gear.
Wheeler: [sees another shark chomping on jellyfish] Ugh! That ugly sucker has *got* to be a man-eater!
Gaia: The goblin shark won't win any beauty contests, but it eats only small animals.

Gaia: Humans are a much greater threat to sharks than sharks are to humans.

Wheeler: All right, Gaia. But it feels kinda weird trying to save some bloodthirsty shark.
Gaia: Bleak is bloodthirsty. A shark is just a predator like a wolf or a tiger. It keeps other animals from overpopulating. If you'd ever been stung by a stingray, you might *wish* there were more sharks.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Kwame's Crisis (#1.18)" (1991)
Gaia: The hardest thing to change is people's minds.

Kwame: The problem is too big. And people will never change.
[starts to cry]
Kwame: I have failed.
Gaia: [appears] Hello, Kwame.
Kwame: Hello, Gaia.
Kwame: How did you find me?
Gaia: I knew you would go to a forest when you needed to think.
Kwame: I think very soon *this* forest will be buried in garbage.
Gaia: I know things look bad, but you see the scar on this old tree? It almost died in a fire years ago. It did not give up. It kept on growing. Look around. The forest is full of reasons for hope.

Kwame: I was wrong. And Sludge was right; people just do not care.
Ma-Ti: You must not say that. Captain Planet will deal with Sludge.
Kwame: [sighs; morosely] Very well, Ma-Ti. Let out powers combine. Earth...
[his ring glows and hums weakly then dies down and emits smoke, he cries as the others stare in shock]
Gi: Kwame, what's wrong?
Kwame: I will *tell* you what is wrong! This problem is too big for even Captain Planet! It is hopeless.
Gaia: [appearing] Kwame, you must not give up hope. That is the source of your root of powr.
Kwame: Then it is too late, Gaia. How I can believe in people when they turn their own world into a trash-dump?
[removes his ring]
Kwame: You must give this to someone else. It does not work for me anymore.
[tosses it in the air, it vanishes with a flash that briefly blocks Gaia's image before she is seen again, looking pained]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Fare Thee Whale (#2.25)" (1992)
Kwame: [after Gi blasts him off his raft with Water] It is a good thing my camera is waterproof.
Gi: It's a good thing you weren't hurt, getting as close to the whales as you did!
Kwame: They are huge.
Gaia: [appears] Doing some underwater photography, Kwame?
Kwame: Not intentionally, Gaia.

Gaia: Unfortunately, the International Whaling Treaty has some loopholes. Some people still kill whales, in the name of scientific research.
Gi: Research? But that's killing! That's - that's...
Gaia: [grips her shoulders] Cruel, dishonest, inhumane, and in this case illegal. That's why I want you to put a stop to it.
Gi: You don't have to ask twice! Let's go!
[the five run off]
Gaia: If the rest of the world were like them, I could take a permanent vacation.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Ark (#2.6)" (1991)
Gaia: A good zoo tries to recreate the animals' natural home, but if *all* the wilderness is destroyed, these magnificent animals will end up in cramped concrete prisons.

[last lines]
Gaia: Thanks for bringing back my Planeteers, Collector.
Collector: [with two unidentifiable creatures] It's a rare pleasure, Gaia. Most of my creatures no longer have homes to return to.
Gaia: Just one other thing - I'd rather you left *those* two behind as well.
[gestures to Greedly and Blight, in one of Collector's matrices ready to be transported, Collector releases them]
Collector: Now behave yourselves.
Hoggish Greedly: Oh, y-y-y-y-yes, yes, sir, uh, uh, uh, ma'am, uh, it.
Dr. Blight: ...Whatever you say!
[they hustle off]
Collector: You know, Gaia, I didn't think anyone would miss those two.
Gaia: No one would. It's just that I can't bear to have the rest of the galaxy think *they* represent humanity.
Gaia: It *would* be a shame. Wouldn't it?
Linka, Wheeler, Gi, Kwame, Ma-Ti: YES!
Collector: And now, I must return to the Space Ark. Keep up your good work, Planeteers.
[speaks in his native language, Gaia says something back, and with a last word he enters a pipe into space and vanishes]
Wheeler: Hey, I didn't know you could speak his language. What'd he say?
Gaia: Collector says that no matter where you're from or what language you speak, we're all in this together.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Greenhouse Planet (#3.1)" (1992)
Captain Planet: [after his crash-landing on Hope Island] Well, at least my Earthpower still works.
Gaia: So does your Heartpower. And you're going to need it for what lies ahead.

Captain Planet: MAL broke the connection before the president could give the order!
Gaia: Then you must get to the power-plant and stop Blight yourself.
Captain Planet: But, Gaia, what good is a superhero without superpowers?
Gaia: [touches his shouler] You still have the power that counts most - your courage.
Gaia: Thanks, Gaia.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: A Twist of Fate (#2.20)" (1992)
Gi: [afer he bursts back onto the Ecocopter] Did you get anything?
Wheeler: Yeah, I got the creeps! I never saw so many poor people in my life! Why don't they get real jobs and get off the street?
Kwame: There is not enough work in the city for everyone.
Ma-Ti: Do not be so quick to judge them, Wheeler. You have never been poor.
Gaia: [appears] Ma-Ti is right, Wheeler. Except for a twist of fate, you might be in the shoes of that man you stumbled over.
Wheeler: Aw, c'mon. I'd never let myself sink *that* low, Gaia.
[everyone yells as the ground rumbles, he falls back with Ma-Ti and Kwame]
Wheeler: OK, OK. You don't have to get mad.
Gaia: When I *do* get mad, you'll know it. But that wasn't me.

Gaia: The quake hit hardest in Santa Teresa, a small farming-village just north of here. At least... it *used* to be a village.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Last of Her Kind (#1.7)" (1990)
Wheeler: Hey, if you were trying to impress a babe, Ma-Ti, what would you get her for her birthday?
Ma-Ti: [grinning] You speak of Linka, my friend?
Wheeler: No. Yeah. Well, maybe you could tune into her mind and see what that brusky babe would like
Gaia: [Gaia appears from behind, they turn to face her] To the Crystal Chamber, Planeteers. We have an eco-emergency.
[disappears, Ma-Ti turns back to face the way they sail]
Wheeler: [concentrating on moving the board to increase speed] C'mon, Ma-Ti. When the Spirit of Earth calls, we gotta boogie.
[finally turns around... ]
Ma-Ti: Wheeler - be careful with the sail!
[he then Wheeler fall off and underwater, then grab the surf and glance to shore]
Linka: [laughs] Come, my wet-head comrades. We must hurry.
Ma-Ti: [regains his hat] However you decide to impress Linka, that was not the way to do it.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Big Clam-Up (#2.9)" (1991)
Gaia: Spirit of Earth to Ma-Ti...

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Ultimate Pollution (#1.20)" (1991)
Ma-Ti: [places his hand over the Planet Vision upon seeing the villagers cowering as weapons are being bought] I cannot look at this! It hurts too much to see such suffering!
Gaia: I know. But only when people realize the consequences of war, Ma-Ti, will they find the wisdom to stop it.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Summit to Save Earth: Part 1 (#2.17)" (1992)
Wheeler: [Gaia shows a hologram] All right, my hometown! The Big Apple!
Gaia: [shows another of it flooded heavily] It could be the Rotton Apple if we don't stop global warming from melting the polar ice caps.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Conqueror (#1.6)" (1990)
[first lines]
Wheeler: Whoa. Talk about rock-and-roll. Good thing there aren't any people on that island.
Gaia: But there *are* animals, and the fire and dust that meteor unleashed will kill them, unless you help.
Linka: At least it does not threaten the entire planet.
Gaia: I'm not so sure, Linka. I sense great, great danger.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Scorched Earth (#2.22)" (1992)
[last lines]
Zarm: Resign? Over a few toxic spills? Let me guide you. Together, we'll run this nation with an iron fist.
Dictator: But what if there is opposition? I am not popular in the countryside.
[gasps as Zarm enters his body]
Zarm: Then I have a little strategy. I call it Scorched Earth.
[laughs, then gasps as a light appears]
Zarm: Gaia!
Gaia: Don't get too comfortable, Zarm. Wherever your destructive ideas emerge, the Planeteers will be there to stop them.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: OK at the Gunfight Corral (#3.8)" (1992)
Bart: [Wheeler is disarmed] You ain't goin' nowhere, boy.
Gaia: [appears] But you are.
[Bart screams and flees]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Blue Car Line (#2.15)" (1992)
Gaia: [appears after Wheeler sets his water-spraying trap off after Linka and Gi have passed and steps in the path just in time to be sprayed by it himself] I don't even want to know.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Hate Canal (#2.23)" (1992)
Gaia: Those rats aren't normal. I suspect foul play.
Kwame: Or a *rodent* at play.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Garbage Strikes (#2.2)" (1991)
Gaia: I will be with you, in spirit.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Send in the Clones (#2.4)" (1991)
Kwame: So they reproduce 'til they starve to death?
Wheeler: No wonder they call 'em simple organisms. How could they be so dumb?
Gaia: [appears] At least they're not heating up the Earth or wrecking the ozone-layer.
Linka: Dah. It takes *people* to do that.
Gaia: And speaking of planet-wreckers, there's something fishy on the Island of Moghal.
Kwame: [by the Planet Vision showing it] Everything on Moghal is fishy. It is a fishing village.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Heat Wave (#1.26)" (1991)
Wheeler: I can't believe it got hot so fast!
Gi: A quick dip will cool us off.
[they dive into the sea before surfacing]
Wheeler: No, it won't. This ocean is as warm as bathwater.
Gi: Wheeler, something is really wrong.
Gaia: [appearing] That's an understatement, Gi.