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Michael (Character)
from "Fame" (1982)

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"Fame: The Home Front (#3.24)" (1984)
Lydia Grant: I thought you said you didn't want to direct the show?
Michael: I said I didn't want to. I didn't say that I wasn't capable.
Lydia Grant: Oh, then you do think you can handle it?
Michael: Oh, no problem, I can handle it.
Lydia Grant: Oh, good. Then you got it baby, the job is yours.
[pulls a cassette out of it's player]
Michael: But wait, I'm...
Lydia Grant: No Michael, look, I have my hands full without trying to direct this extravaganza.
[puts the cassette in his hand]
Lydia Grant: Merry Christmas, happy birthday, the job is yours. Have a good time.

Christopher Donlon: Sorry I'm late.
Michael: Oh, you're not late.
Christopher Donlon: I'm not early.
Michael: You're not early, or late. You're just fired.
Christopher Donlon: What do you mean, I'm fired?
Michael: I mean I still like you enough to spare you the lectures. I'll just give it to you straight: You're out of the show.

Michael: Me and the director are just like this, man. He loves it when I show up on time, every time.
Christopher Donlon: That's just 'cause it's your show.

"Fame: Feelings (#2.3)" (1982)
Michael: But Miss Grant, there's gonna be innocent parents out there in the audience.

"Fame: Consequences (#3.7)" (1983)
Danny Amatullo: Good, I go last, I can finish grading these papers.
Billy Hall: You're supposed to be nervous, you're supposed to be preparing for your art.
Michael: Look at Holly Laird. Now that's art. Go ahead and give her an A plus, Amatullo, give her an A plus just for being alive.
Danny Amatullo: Yo, Amatullo don't fix no grades for nobody. Not even if they look like that.