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Lt. Manuel 'Manny' Quinlan (Character)
from "Harry O" (1973)

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"Harry O: Material Witness (#1.10)" (1974)
Capt. Pete Jaklin: So far only two people know where they are, me and Harry. And Harry's too smart to be followed.
Lt. Manuel 'Manny' Quinlan: Amen, brother.

"Harry O: Second Sight (#1.9)" (1974)
Lt. Manuel 'Manny' Quinlan: What were you doing in Dr. Bower's appointment book, then?
Harry Orwell: Well he wanted to hire me. He said he needed a body guard. Somebody was trying to kill him. I said, "I'm not a body guard, I'm a private detective." You know, Manny, I don't even carry a gun, you know that.

"Harry O: Guardian at the Gates (#1.3)" (1974)
Lt. Manuel 'Manny' Quinlan: Now what were you doing here?
Harry Orwell: Just passing by in the service of a client.
Lt. Manuel 'Manny' Quinlan: Now that's a solid non-answer.

"Harry O: Forty Reasons to Kill: Part 1 (#1.11)" (1974)
Lt. Manuel 'Manny' Quinlan: You know something, Harry? You went quite a distance when you left the force.
Harry Orwell: What does that mean?
Lt. Manuel 'Manny' Quinlan: Oh, skip it. Come on.