Officer Joe Coffey
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Officer Joe Coffey (Character)
from "Hill Street Blues" (1981)

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"Hill Street Blues: Rites of Spring (#1.14)" (1981)
Renko: [facing a giant woman swinging wooden board] Now look here, lady, I'm bigger than you are...
Coffey: [moves in front of Renko] No you're not. All right, Louella, enough's enough. We're gonna take you in.
[Louella remains calm]
Coffey: Lucy, slap the cuffs on her.
[walks to the door]
Renko: We'll just wait outside, darlin'.
[Hill, Renko and Coffey leave Lucy facing Louella her own]

"Hill Street Blues: Jungle Madness (#1.15)" (1981)
Officer Joe Coffey: [driving a patrol car] You wanna get married, Lucy?
Officer Lucy Bates: I can't today, Joe.

"Hill Street Blues: Here's Adventure, Here's Romance (#4.1)" (1983)
Officer Joe Coffey: [wearing riot gear, facing a group of looters] Just because there's a power failure, doesn't mean the laws are canceled.