Lt. Ray Calletano
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Lt. Ray Calletano (Character)
from "Hill Street Blues" (1981)

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"Hill Street Blues: Rites of Spring (#1.14)" (1981)
Lt. Ray Calletano: [on dispatch phone] Three undercover officers on the same bus? Who are they protecting, each other?

"Hill Street Blues: Nutcracker Suite (#4.19)" (1984)
Lt. Ray Calletano: I have been left in charge and I am the boss.
Lt. Howard Hunter: Oh, no, no, no, Raimundo, I am the boss.
Lt. Ray Calletano: [annoyed] I am the boss, Howard.
Lt. Howard Hunter: Oh, I'm not arguing rank, compadre, it's inflection. You're stressing the wrong word. It's not 'I am the boss', it's 'I am the boss'.
[big smile]
Lt. Ray Calletano: You are a jerk!

"Hill Street Blues: The Last White Man on East Ferry Avenue (#2.3)" (1981)
Sgt. Mick Belker: [Detective Brooks has been murdered while working undercover] I told you, but you wouldn't listen. I told you we shoulda pulled him out of there right after the warehouse bust. I begged you. And on the phone, when he didn't show up for his wire, he kept telling me to "wait"...
Lt. Ray Calletano: Mick, it wouldn't have changed anything.
Sgt. Mick Belker: How do we know that? He had it all ahead of him, and you threw his life away. His death is on your head.
Capt. Frank Furillo: They all are, Mick.