Lt. Howard Hunter
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Lt. Howard Hunter (Character)
from "Hill Street Blues" (1981)

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"Hill Street Blues: Grace Under Pressure (#4.14)" (1984)
Lt. Howard Hunter: When a warrior falls, there is no anguish more profound than that of his shield bearer.

"Hill Street Blues: Lucky Ducks (#4.21)" (1984)
[last lines]
Lt. Howard Hunter: [settling down for the night in a stable to watch over his sick horse Apollo] I'm here, boy.

"Hill Street Blues: A Wasted Weekend (#7.12)" (1987)
Sgt. Howard Hunter: [during Roll Call] Sgt. Stanis Jablonski, Metro Police, retired, is going hunting with several of our colleagues.
Sgt. Lucy Bates: They're going out to kill Bambi.
[laughter and murmering from the other cops]
Sgt. Lucy Bates: They're going out to slaughter poor defenceless creatures.
Officer J.D. LaRue: Hey, if you can eat it, you can kill it.
Sgt. Lucy Bates: Wanna keep your personal life to yourself, LaRue?

"Hill Street Blues: Can World War III Be an Attitude? (#1.4)" (1981)
Lt. Howard Hunter: [to Lucy Bates] I was wondering if we could have a little verbal... mano a mano.
[Lucy looks confused]
Lt. Howard Hunter: ... A Talk.
Officer Lucy Bates: Sure, about what?

"Hill Street Blues: Nutcracker Suite (#4.19)" (1984)
Lt. Ray Calletano: I have been left in charge and I am the boss.
Lt. Howard Hunter: Oh, no, no, no, Raimundo, I am the boss.
Lt. Ray Calletano: [annoyed] I am the boss, Howard.
Lt. Howard Hunter: Oh, I'm not arguing rank, compadre, it's inflection. You're stressing the wrong word. It's not 'I am the boss', it's 'I am the boss'.
[big smile]
Lt. Ray Calletano: You are a jerk!

"Hill Street Blues: Requiem for a Hairbag (#3.8)" (1982)
Lt. Howard Hunter: What is it like, being a hebrew?
Det. Henry Goldblume: Well, I don't know, Howard. What's it like being a human being?

"Hill Street Blues: Of Mouse and Man (#2.12)" (1982)
Lt. Howard Hunter: [about Belker's pet mouse] His name's Mickey?
Sgt. Mick Belker: Yeah.
Lt. Howard Hunter: [realizing] Mouse?
Sgt. Mick Belker: Not Mickey Mouse, Mickey Belker!

"Hill Street Blues: Amazing Grace (#7.7)" (1986)
Sgt. Howard Hunter: Item six, a memo from division: since the new copy machines have been installed, printing costs from all precincts have risen over 300 per cent. Starting noon today, the copier will accept only those documents that have been stamped with a police identification code.
[rumbling from the cops in attendance]
Sgt. Howard Hunter: Further more, the department will absorb the cost of four, and only four, reprints. Any number over four, and it's your nickle.
Officer J.D. LaRue: Hey sarge, sergeant, are you aware that the D.A.'s office is asking for five copies of all arrest reports?
Sgt. Howard Hunter: Which is why God invented carbon paper, detective.

"Hill Street Blues: The Last White Man on East Ferry Avenue (#2.3)" (1981)
Lt. Howard Hunter: Doggone it, Phil, I have proven myself a first rate nimrod from Dartmouth to Da Nang. And I'll be damned if I'll be crucified for one wet squib!

"Hill Street Blues: Blues for Mr. Green (#5.7)" (1984)
Lt. Howard Hunter: [grinning] I am giddy with excitement.