Det. Neal Washington
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Det. Neal Washington (Character)
from "Hill Street Blues" (1981)

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"Hill Street Blues: Blues for Mr. Green (#5.7)" (1984)
Det. Neal Washington: [after entering barbershop] Police. Charles Morris work here?
Barbershop Owner: I don't see him.
[instructing his intern]
Barbershop Owner: Keep it even, Tony.
Officer J.D. LaRue: What time do you expect him to become visible?

Det. Neal Washington: [finds two boxes filled with stolen airline tickets] Lookie here, lookie here: one way to Felony-land.

"Hill Street Blues: Two Easy Pieces (#6.11)" (1986)
Det. Neal Washington: Hey J.D., we gotta get back to the precinct, babe. Somethin' about a missing heart.
Officer J.D. LaRue: That's not fatal. Rob's lived with that for years.

"Hill Street Blues: Sorry Wrong Number (#7.16)" (1987)
Det. Neal Washington: [adressing Furillo] Captain, nothing on house to house on the Temkin street killing, sir.
Officer J.D. LaRue: Now wait a second, Neal, we did help that old lady get her husband's raindeer sweater back.

"Hill Street Blues: Blood Money (#2.2)" (1981)
Det. Neal Washington: I just came from your house, even the cockroaches moved out!

"Hill Street Blues: Nutcracker Suite (#4.19)" (1984)
William Mullins: Ain't no big deal, man, I be high in an hour. Then I got me some business to take care of.
Det. Neal Washington: You ain't doing business no more, chump, you got that? You are getting done to!

"Hill Street Blues: Midway to What? (#4.8)" (1983)
Washington: [Bobby's boxing match is about to commence] This guy is a real chump, Bobby.
LaRue: He couldn't hit the ground falling out of a tree.
[J.D. and Neal step down from the ring]
LaRue: [out of Bobby's earshot] Bobby's dead.
Washington: Simmons'll kill 'em.

"Hill Street Blues: A Pound of Flesh (#7.21)" (1987)
Officer J.D. LaRue: I almost died today...
[breaks down sobbing]
Officer J.D. LaRue: and I don't have anyone to talk to.
Det. Neal Washington: Come on, babe, come on, come on,
[hugs J.D]
Det. Neal Washington: It's alright.

"Hill Street Blues: Jungle Madness (#1.15)" (1981)
Det. Neal Washington: Look at you, you're half juiced!
Detective J.D. La Rue: Hey man, hey man, you come on now, I'm gonna tell you something. I haven't had...
[waits for Furillo & Calletano to walk past]
Detective J.D. La Rue: I haven't had a drink all day. One drink. Ok, one drink, all day.
Det. Neal Washington: Yeah, one drink out of a bowl!

"Hill Street Blues: Spotlight on Rico (#3.20)" (1983)
Det. Neal Washington: [Benedetto has shot Sonny Crocket multiple times] The man's dead.
Det. Sal Benedetto: Yeah, I knew something was wrong with him.