Det. Greg Medavoy
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Det. Greg Medavoy (Character)
from "NYPD Blue" (1993)

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"NYPD Blue: Serge the Concierge (#1.19)" (1994)
[Medavoy and Martinez enter the station covered with garbage from the sanitation dump as everyone around them holds their noses from the stench]
Det. Greg Medavoy: I expect the aroma to be with us for several more days, despite we're gonna dispose of our overalls. Not to mention the itching, even with the cortisone cream.
Det. James Martinez: [to Kelly] But, good news. We found the body, John.
Det. John Kelly: Yeah? I thought the Lieutenant said that you were wrapping it up.
Det. James Martinez: Medavoy took a guess that it might be in Section 7-6 instead of Section 6-7. We went over to the other station and found it.
Det. Greg Medavoy: Yeah, we extended our little visit because why would anyone had given us the correct information on the location of the body when this way we... we could extened our exposure to the stink and the bird poop?
Det. John Kelly: That's a good point, Greg.

Det. Andy Sipowicz: [enters] What's that smell? Somebody puke in here?
Det. Greg Medavoy: [sarcastic] Yeah, that smell is called Eau de Garbage Dump! You like it? My overalls are drenched in it!

"NYPD Blue: You Bet Your Life (#2.8)" (1994)
Det. Greg Medavoy: What was it between you and that guy?
Donna Abandando: Gregory, he thought he was Don Juan!
Det. Greg Medavoy: He was muttering your name on that wire.
Donna Abandando: I can't help what he muttered. And you're being silly... which I find very sweet.

Det. Greg Medavoy: You still here?
Steve Richards: Me? Uhhh... not any more.

"NYPD Blue: Where's 'Swaldo (#4.4)" (1996)
Det. Greg Medavoy: I guess the one DOA, he's now the dealer *formerly* known as Prince.

"NYPD Blue: From Hare to Eternity (#1.11)" (1993)
Det. Andy Sipowicz: Hey Medavoy, how come I gotta be Santa Claus?
Det. Greg Medavoy: Well, uh, Stillwell psychoed out and Walker's got jaundice. No offense, but you're the fattest guy in the squad.

"NYPD Blue: Emission Impossible (#4.20)" (1997)
Det. Greg Medavoy: The baton's been passed!

"NYPD Blue: Tempest in a C-Cup (#1.8)" (1993)
Det. Andy Sipowicz: We go in, we patronize, we see if the girls are offering anything that isn't on the menu, huh? Kinda like a busman's holiday for me. Objective's to squeeze the owner, who's laundering money for Tony Rago.
Det. Greg Medavoy: Yeah, listen... uh, Andy...
Det. Andy Sipowicz: Yes, Medavoy. You will be seein' naked broads. You gonna have a problem with that?

"NYPD Blue: Curt Russell (#3.6)" (1995)
Marv Eubanks: Your badge is melting man!
Det. James Martinez: Very good!
Det. Greg Medavoy: "Your badge is melting?"
Det. James Martinez: Hey, funny guy, eh? Better living through pharmacy!

"NYPD Blue: What a Dump! (#4.16)" (1997)
[Lt. Fancy and James have just discovered Greg binging on peanut butter]
Det. Greg Medavoy: You caught me cheating.
Lt. Arthur Fancy: I never got to like chunky.
Det. James Martinez: You want us to get some of that plain?
Lt. Arthur Fancy: I'm better without the temptation.
Det. Greg Medavoy: That's me as well. I've got motive in my nervousness, so I gotta deprive myself of opportunity.
Det. James Martinez: Otherwise, he might murder Mr. Peanut.