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Quotes for
Richie Iannucci (Character)
from "The King of Queens" (1998)

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"The King of Queens: Richie's Song (#1.4)" (1998)
Doug Heffernan: So you all moved in to your brother's place?
Richie Iannucci: Yeah, yeah, two days ago.
Richie Iannucci: Listen, Moose. Thanks again for telling me. I'm sorry I threw up on you.
Doug Heffernan: Well, it was bad news.
Richie Iannucci: That 75-cent shrimp cocktail didn't help either.
Doug Heffernan: So, you and Marie, have you started that counseling yet ?
Richie Iannucci: Yeah, the guy's great too. We went together the first time, but Marie feels that since the problems are mostly her fault she wants to see the guy alone for awhile.

"The King of Queens: S'ain't Valentine's (#1.16)" (1999)
Richie Iannucci: [Beeper goes off] Oh, it's my beeper. Ah, large fire. I need to go.
Deacon Palmer: Oh hell no.
Richie Iannucci: [Talks to Veronica Olchin] There's a large fire, so uhh... I need to go, bye.
Doug Heffernan: No, no, no! You can't do this!
Richie Iannucci: Later suckers!
[Makes a salute emote]
Deacon Palmer: And now what?
Veronica Olchin: Let's dance!
[Doug and Deacon are looking at Veronica with mouths wide open]

"The King of Queens: Fixer Upper (#1.12)" (1998)
Doug Heffernan: Would you rather have your big toe amputated or make out with Larry King for 15 minutes?
Richie Iannucci: We lyin' down or standin' up?
Doug Heffernan: You're leaning against a car.
Richie Iannucci: Argh, it's right down the line!

"The King of Queens: Supermarket Story (#1.10)" (1998)
Richie Iannucci: So, you guys got a big Thanksgiving planned?
Carrie Heffernan: No, thank God.
Doug Heffernan: Just a long weekend with nothing to do except the three F's: food, football, and...
[looks to Carrie]
Doug Heffernan: makin' love.

"The King of Queens: Educating Doug (#1.8)" (1998)
Doug Heffernan: I'm so screwed!
Richie Iannucci: Book business again?
Doug Heffernan: The
Doug Heffernan: club is tomorrow... and I'm on page 2! I can't even say I've got a firm grasp on page 1!