Robbie Douglas
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Robbie Douglas (Character)
from "My Three Sons" (1960)

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"My Three Sons: The First Marriage (#6.1)" (1965)
Mike Douglas: [the wedding party poses for a group photo] Smile, you guys!
Sally Ann Morrison: Yeah!
[looks at Steve after the photo is taken]
Sally Ann Morrison: Just think, I don't have to call you Mr. Douglas anymore - Dad!
Steve Douglas: And this is the first time in my life I've ever used the word, "daughter."
Mike Douglas: Hey, that's right!
Robbie Douglas: Well, I look at it like this: I may be losing a brother, but I'm gaining a room.
[Mike nods sheepishly]
Sally Ann Morrison: Oh honey, I just want to go thank Muriel.
Mike Douglas: OK.
[gestures at Steve to join him a few feet away]
Mike Douglas: Dad?
[shakes hands with Steve]
Mike Douglas: I just wanted to say thanks, Dad, for everything!
Steve Douglas: Oh Mike, there's nothing to thank me for. The bride's parents always pay for the wedding. All I did was stand around and nod!
Mike Douglas: No Dad, I mean for everything. For putting up with me, especially the last few years with the guitar lessons and hot rod cars - everything!
Steve Douglas: It all comes back double, Mike. Who'd have thought that my #1 son would turn out to be an assistant psychology instructor back East? I'm proud of you, Mike. For a lot of things.
[they look at each other affectionately]