Franois Villon
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Franois Villon (Character)
from The Vagabond King (1930)

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The Vagabond King (1956)
François Villon: To skin your fox, first catch him.

Huguette: I can tell by your shifty look that you have been untrue to me.
François Villon: And you?
Huguette: I've been true as the stars in Heaven.
François Villon: I know where THEY spend their nights. I'm not sure where YOU do.

King Louis XI: Master Villon, you can render your country a great service before you die. You notice that I said "the country" and not "king?"
François Villon: Why the distinction, your majesty?
King Louis XI: Because you seem to have the impression that the king is not as patriotic as you are.
François Villon: The fault is not mine, sire.

François Villon: [finding Catherine bowing to him] What does THIS mean?
Catherine de Vaucelles: It means, my lord, that at last a man of courage has come to the aid of France.
François Villon: You're judging me only by my words. Had you best not wait and judge me by my deeds?

The Beloved Rogue (1927)
François Villon: Happy is Paris, where fools reign once a year - while everywhere else the fools reign all the time!

François Villon: Every man has two souls - one for the world, and one for the woman he loves.

If I Were King (1938)
Colette: Epitaph? What's that?
François Villon: Oh, usually something good about somebody bad... after they're dead.

Rene: Fine time to be writing poetry.
François Villon: What better time? If a man isn't inspired by his own death, he's beyond inspiration.