Princess Flavia
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Princess Flavia (Character)
from The Prisoner of Zenda (1952)

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The Prisoner of Zenda (1937)
Princess Flavia: In my heart there is no King, no crown - only you!

Rudolph Rassendyll: But I've reformed.
Princess Flavia: Almost beyond recognition. You seem to be an entirely different person.

The Prisoner of Zenda (1952)
Rudolf Rassendyll: I probably looked like a prize idiot and talked like one too.
Princess Flavia: You're too modest. You really looked and acted like a King today.
Rudolf Rassendyll: Oh, thank you.
Princess Flavia: It was delightfully unexpected.
Rudolf Rassendyll: Oh.

Rudolf Rassendyll: Well I think everything went off very well don't you? For a coronation. I mean, that is, not that a coronation shouldn't go well. Provided the king puts in an appearance suitably dressed and suitably rehearsed.
Princess Flavia: And suitably sober.
Rudolf Rassendyll: And suitably sober! Yes, I was hoping you would notice that.