Rudolf Rassendyll
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Rudolf Rassendyll (Character)
from The Prisoner of Zenda (1937)

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The Prisoner of Zenda (1937)
Rupert of Hentzau: I see you want to let the drawbridge down. I just killed a man for that.
Rudolph Rassendyll: An unarmed man, of course.
Rupert of Hentzau: Of course!

Rupert of Hentzau: Touché, Rassendyll! I cannot get used to fighting furniture - where did you learn it?
Rudolph Rassendyll: That all goes with the old school tie.
Rupert of Hentzau: Well, then, here's your last fencing lesson. Look out for your head.

[during his sword fight with Rupert, Rudolph "retreats" towards the drawbridge's controls]
Rupert of Hentzau: You'd be a sensation in a circus. I can't understand it. Where did you learn such roller skating?
Rudolph Rassendyll: Coldstream Guards, my boy. Come on now, when does the fencing lesson begin?
Rupert of Hentzau: Stand still and fight, you coward!

Rupert of Hentzau: Why don't you let me kill you quietly?
Rudolph Rassendyll: Oh, a little noise adds a touch of cheer. You notice I'm getting closer to the drawbridge rope?
Rupert of Hentzau: You're so fond of rope, it's a pity to finish you off with steel. What did they teach you on the playing fields of Eton? Puss in the corner?
Rudolph Rassendyll: Oh, chiefly not throwing knives at other people's backs.

Rudolph Rassendyll: [preparing to leave after the coronation to recover the real king] In a couple of hours, I'll just be plain Rudolph Rassendyll.
Col. Zapt: You'll be lucky if you're not the late Rudolph Rassendyll.

Rudolph Rassendyll: You know, there's another reason I feel so well. Had a remarkable wine for dinner last night. Soothed my nerves - went right off to sleep! Slept like a top! Came from right near your castle, by the way. You must try it in case you're ever troubled about sleeping.
Black Michael: I sleep very well.
Rudolph Rassendyll: Is that so? You must have a clear conscience.
Black Michael: I have, and I've never had a dream that didn't come true... if I waited long enough.
Rudolph Rassendyll: Really? How romantic!
Rudolph Rassendyll: Still, some things come true you never dreamed of!

Rudolph Rassendyll: King for a day! What would it mean if I fail?
Col. Zapt: [Grimly] Your life and mine and Fritz's here!

King: Well, what are you doing here, cousin?
Rudolph Rassendyll: I must admit, Sire, that I may have been guilty of somewhat the same offense as our mutual ancestor.
King: Such as what?
Rudolph Rassendyll: Fishing in forbidden waters.

Rudolph Rassendyll: But I've reformed.
Princess Flavia: Almost beyond recognition. You seem to be an entirely different person.

Col. Zapt: Let's trust in providence.
Rudolph Rassendyll: [sardonically] You'll never get providence interested in this enterprise.

Rudolph Rassendyll: [to Flavia] I love you more than truth or life or honor!

Rudolph Rassendyll: My work here is done.

The Prisoner of Zenda (1952)
Rudolf Rassendyll: [having difficulty putting on the King's ring] I hope the crown's a better fit.

Rudolf Rassendyll: But surely, no woman in her right senses would prefer the duke to you.
Rupert of Hentzau: Women are never in their right senses, thank goodness!

Rudolf Rassendyll: [when his life is threatened by Hentzau] Half my kingdom... for a match.

King Rudolf V: You must forgive me if I seem a little slow, but it's a bit early in the day to see double. Even for me.

King Rudolf V: You're a good fellow. Oh, you're English, but you're a good fellow.

Rudolf Rassendyll: I know my clothes are a little conservative, but we English always dress as if we're going to a funeral when we're on a holiday.

Rudolf Rassendyll: I probably looked like a prize idiot and talked like one too.
Princess Flavia: You're too modest. You really looked and acted like a King today.
Rudolf Rassendyll: Oh, thank you.
Princess Flavia: It was delightfully unexpected.
Rudolf Rassendyll: Oh.

Rudolf Rassendyll: I was hoping that our skeleton was safe at home in our family cupboard.
Fritz von Tarlenheim: Some skeletons are prodigious travelers.

Rudolf Rassendyll: Well I think everything went off very well don't you? For a coronation. I mean, that is, not that a coronation shouldn't go well. Provided the king puts in an appearance suitably dressed and suitably rehearsed.
Princess Flavia: And suitably sober.
Rudolf Rassendyll: And suitably sober! Yes, I was hoping you would notice that.

Rudolf Rassendyll: I hope your trout take as much interest in me as you do. I shan't be able to land them fast enough.

King Rudolf V: I propose a toast.
Man: Here here!
Fritz von Tarlenheim: Another toast!
King Rudolf V: A toast to... have we anybody left?
Rudolf Rassendyll: Your brother Michael, perhaps?
King Rudolf V: We drink to Michael in vinegar, my friend, not in good wine.