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Coffin Ed Johnson (Character)
from Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970)

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Come Back, Charleston Blue (1972)
Gravedigger Jones: Blink once and you're dead.
Coffin Ed Johnson: Blink twice and you're buried.

Gravedigger Jones: [Charleston Blue's coffin is opened up, and a straight razor is found, which Gravedigger picks up] Well, maybe Charleston Blue has come back... As an angel.
Coffin Ed Johnson: Ain't no black angels... Except us.

Coffin Ed Johnson: [after he saves Carol] Carol, listen to me... You're a whole lot blacker than what you think.

Coffin Ed Johnson: [to Carol] Now, you're part of the revolution... The Rabbit Revolution... And Brother Rabbit and Brother Wolf got a big difference of opinion about that honey tree... And Little Sister Fox, she ain't the only one that big bad wolf been trickin'
Carol: So, the trick is to catch Brother Wolf's ass in the briar patch, right?
Coffin Ed Johnson: Right.

Coffin Ed Johnson: [after Her Majesty kills Joe] Did you see anything?
Gravedigger Jones: Nah... I must be getting nearsighted in my old age.

Coffin Ed Johnson: [to Joe] Nigger, its what you're putting in black arms that's gonna burn your ass one of these days!

Coffin Ed Johnson: [Coffin Ed and Gravedigger have caught Joe with the heroin hiddin in a coffin] Up here in Harlem, all the dead are black.

Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970)
Coffin Ed: White guys?
Gravedigger Jones: White guys? They had on masks. How did you know they were white?
Lo Boy: [crying] Oh Lordy, help me!
Coffin Ed: I'm asking you. How do you know they was white?
Lo Boy: They run white, dammit.

Coffin Ed: What the hell do the attorney general, the state department, or even the President of the United States know about one god-damn thing that's going on up here in Harlem?

Gravedigger Jones: Another fine mess you got us into!
Coffin Ed: I got us into? Shut up and shoot!

Gravedigger Jones: Hey, Ed!
Coffin Ed: What is it?
Gravedigger Jones: Look at this. Cotton, from inside the meat truck.
Coffin Ed: One thing for sure, it ain't drugstore cotton.
Anderson: What is it?
Coffin Ed: It's raw, unprocessed cotton. Like from a bale.
Gravedigger Jones: Ohhh, it's a long time since I've seen cotton like that.
Coffin Ed: Digger, you ain't never seen no raw cotton before. You were born and raised right here in New York, just like me.

[Drunken man stumbles up during riot at police station]
Man: Well, ain't this the "Goin' Back to Africa Rally"?
Coffin Ed: No, baby, it is the "Goin' Home Rally".

[people outside police station demanding O'Malley return their money]
Coffin Ed: Digger and I will do our damnedest to get your money back. We promise.
Rioter: Promises! Hell with promises!
Gravedigger Jones: Anybody out there ever hear of Coffin Ed or the Gravedigger make a promise we didn't keep?
[Crowd gets quiet]
Coffin Ed: Now, we may have broken some heads, but we never broke no promises.