Ry Saeba
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Ry Saeba (Character)
from "Angel Heart" (2005)

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City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy (1990) (V)
Joe Saeba: [Emily has just fallen on her back after someone fires shots at her and Kaori goes to help her up] Kaori, don't move her!
Kaori Makumura: [alarmed] What? What is it?
Joe Saeba: [Joe is staring at Emily's opened legs in her short skirt] I can see her panties. 'Clear as a bright blue sky on a warm summer day'.
Kaori Makumura: [disgusted and enraged, Kaori grabs a giant hammer] Joe... I *hate* your perverted poetry!
[starts swinging hammer at Joe]

Joe Saeba: [Emily has just stopped Joe from getting her by using Kaori's giant hammer] Okay, I shoulda seen this coming.
[falls to the floor, disappointed]
Emily O'Hara: Kaori used this thing and I asked her if I could try it.
[looks at the hammer with amazement]
Emily O'Hara: This is a great way to blow off some steam. Okay, one more time!
Joe Saeba: [runs away when Emily raises the hammer] WHOOOOA! Wait a second! That's not a toy!
[cowers against wall]
Joe Saeba: Don't you come any closer!
Emily O'Hara: [puzzled] You're scared of this thing?
Joe Saeba: No! I'm just worried that you might hurt yourself!
[Emily takes another swipe at his head and he darts out of the way]

Joe Saeba: [Emily has just heard gunfire and she runs out to see Kaori holding a silenced uzi and Joe with Emily's panties in his mouth] Kaori wait! Let me explain... I'm a guy, I'm suppose to check stuff like this!
Kaori Makimune, Additional Voices: [narrows eyes sharply] Three chances are all you're gonna get, Joe! Next time, you're gonna be a 'holey man'!

City Hunter: .357 Magnum (1989)
Joe Saeba: [after walkiing into the Cat's Eye cafe] Garcon, bring me a cup of coffee.
Falcon: Would you like that poured over your head or down your pants, maybe?

Nina Shutenberg: [while watching Joe at 'targert practice'] Wow! That's incredible.
Joe Saeba: Anyone can shoot like this if they practice a little.
[reloads his gun and offers it to Nina]
Joe Saeba: Here, do you wanna give it a try?
Nina Shutenberg: [smiles and shakes her head] You know, it's almost like you're a different person when you hold a gun, Mr. Saeba. Usually, you are perverted and unreliable.
Joe Saeba: [embarrassed] Would ya' stop calling me 'perverted'? I'm what you call 'nookie dependant'.
Nina Shutenberg: [puzzled] I thought the two were the same. What's the difference?
Joe Saeba: Well... it's... complicated... like me.

City Hunter (1993)
Ryô Saeba: How do I get to the casino from here?
Hideyuki Makimura: Take the elevator.
Ryô Saeba: No, I mean by stealth.
Hideyuki Makimura: Take the elevator and don't tell anyone.

Shizuko Imamura: I'll do anything you say.
Ryô Saeba: [exhausted] Really?
Shizuko Imamura: [nods her head] Yes.