Noah's Wife
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Noah's Wife (Character)
from The Bible: In the Beginning... (1966)

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Noah (2014)
[Noah wakes up from a vision]
Naameh: Did He speak to you?
Noah: I think so.
Naameh: Will He help us?
Noah: He's going to destroy the Earth.

Naameh: Snakes are coming, too?
Noah: Yeah. All that creeps, all that crawls, all that slithers.

The Bible: In the Beginning... (1966)
Noahs wife: [to one of her sons] Will you question your father's understanding, or doubt his ways? You should be ashaméd.
[to Noah]
Noahs wife: Yet when shall they be rid of the work? All things wait for this. The ground is unsown, and the house is unmended. Give me one of them to make the roof good, lest when the rain comes the house will not keep it out.

"Noah's Ark" (1999)
The 'Peddler': [after being told Sodom has been destroyed] How did it happen?
Naamah: God destroyed them for their wickedness.
The 'Peddler': Some religious thing, huh?