Dr. Cukrowicz
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Dr. Cukrowicz (Character)
from Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)

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Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)
Dr. Cukrowicz: Mrs. Venable, loving your neice as you do, you must know there's great risk in this operation. Whenever you enter the brain with a foreign object...
Mrs. Venable: Yes.
Dr. Cukrowicz: Even a needle thin knife.
Mrs. Venable: Yes.
Dr. Cukrowicz: In the hands of the most skilled surgeon...
Mrs. Venable: Yes, yes.
Dr. Cukrowicz: There is a great deal of risk.
Mrs. Venable: But it does pacify them, I've read that, it quiets them down. It suddenly makes them peaceful.
Dr. Cukrowicz: Yes that that it does do, but...
Mrs. Venable: But what?
Dr. Cukrowicz: Well it will be years before we know if the immediate benefits of the operation are lasting or maybe just passing or perhaps... there's a strong possibility that the patient will always be limited. Relieved of acute anxiety yes, but limited.
Mrs. Venable: But what a blessing Dr. to be just peaceful. To be just suddenly peaceful. After all that horror. After those nightmares. Just to be able to lift up their eyes to a sky not black with savage devouring birds.

Dr. Cukrowicz: May I sit here?
Mrs. Venable: Sebastian's seat.
Dr. Cukrowicz: Oh! Well...
Mrs. Venable: Oh, no no please, please. It's a court jester's chair, a rare one, five-hundred years old. Please, sit on it. Say something funny; make me stop wanting to cry.

Dr. Lawrence J. Hockstader: She burnt a nun with a cigarette.
Dr. Cukrowicz: Yes she did, I was there, I saw it, she was provoked!
Dr. Lawrence J. Hockstader: Provoked? Whover would provoke a mentally disturbed person?
Dr. Cukrowicz: You'd be surprised.

Dr. Cukrowicz: Insane is such a meaningless term.
Catherine Holly: But lobotomy has a precising meaning to it, doesn't it?

Dr. Cukrowicz: Nature is not made in the image of man's compassion.

Dr. Cukrowicz: Why did you try to kill yourself?
Catherine Holly: Isn't that what everybody wants? Me out of the way... Mama and George get their money, and Aunt Vi...

Dr. Cukrowicz: Bait? For what? What were the better fish?
Catherine Holly: We procured for him.

Mrs. Venable: Sebastian always said, 'Mother when you descend it's like the Goddess from the Machine. You look just like angel coming to earth' as I float, float into view. Sebastian, my son Sebastian was very interested in the Byzantine. Are you interested in the Byzantine Doctor...?
Dr. Cukrowicz: Cukrowicz. I don't know very much about the Byzantine.
Mrs. Venable: It seems that the Emperor of Byzantium - when he received people in audience - had a throne which, during the conversation, would rise mysteriously into the air to the consternation of his visitors. But as we are living in a democracy, I reverse the procedure. I don't rise, I come down.

Mrs. Venable: She suffers from something called dementia praecox.
Dr. Cukrowicz: Dementia praecox?
Mrs. Venable: Which is say, she's mad as a hatter, poor child.

"Great Performances: Suddenly, Last Summer (#21.10)" (1993)
Doctor Cukrowicz: [lighting a table lighter, which flames high] Lord! What a torch!
Violet Venable: So shines a good deed in a naughty world, Dr. Sugar.