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Vincent Van Gogh (Character)
from Lust for Life (1956)

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The Eyes of Van Gogh (2005)
Vincent van Gogh: I must finish my work.

Vincent van Gogh: [Vincent arguing with his brother Theo, who is an art dealer] The people who run this field, they're the worst enemies of art. They encourage the worst, the most barbaric taste. But you - - my God, you could do something about it.

Vincent van Gogh: Someday I must be able to paint portraits that - - a hundred years from now they will appear like apparitions to the people seeing them. They would be like ghosts - - the living spirits of the dead. They'd still be striving, growling, eternal life.

Vincent van Gogh: [Vincent rhapsodizes to Gauguin on his vision for the Studio of the South] We could leave behind a body of work that would last forever. We could educate the people. We could change the world.

Vincent van Gogh: Just think, Paul, this could be the beginning of a whole new era, a new dawn in art: The Studio of the South.

Vincent van Gogh: Someday I must be able to do a figure in just a few strokes. Imagine. In a few strokes, a man, a woman, a child with the head, body, and legs - - all in the right proportion.

Vincent van Gogh: [Vincent and Gauguin quarrel about the best way to paint] It's difficult not being outside. It's damned near impossible. I've got to see the colors. I need to breathe the air.

Vincent van Gogh: Without substance there is no art.

Vincent van Gogh: A painting must have heart, soul, passion. Without that it's worthless.

Vincent van Gogh: Why is it that everyone who disagrees with you is an ignorant fool?
Paul Gauguin: I don't know. I've often asked myself the same question.

Vincent van Gogh: Remove this thing - - this feeling. Take it from me - - rip it out - - I can't bear it.

Vincent van Gogh: I want to paint action. I want to paint life. I want to show the soul in nature - - the nobility in man. But no one will ever know. It's all wasted. Wasted. Wasted

Vincent van Gogh: Working on my pictures is a necessity for my recovery. If I can't paint, my life is worthless.
Dr. Peyron: And it is this kind of exaggerated thinking that is so dangerous for you. You become too absorbed in your work and then you lose control of the rest of your life. This is why I prefer that you abstain from painting.

Vincent van Gogh: I can very well do without religion and without God. The only ting I can't do without is my work.

Vincent van Gogh: You see, doctor, I love life, I love nature, I love to paint, to read, to see people and things and... I'm not a martyr. I hate suffering. I don't accept it as a natural way of life. I want to live. I want to work. The work is my only cure.

"Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor (#5.10)" (2010)
The Doctor: Amy, only one thought, one simple instruction: don't follow me under any circumstances.
[Runs off]
Amy Pond: I won't.
Vincent Van Gogh: Will you follow him?
Amy Pond: Of course.
Vincent Van Gogh: I love you.

Vincent Van Gogh: [Explaining how he sees the world] Look at the sky. It's not dark and black and without character. The black is, in fact deep blue. And over there: lighter blue and blowing through the blues and blackness the winds swirling through the air and then shining, burning, bursting through: the stars!
[the sky gradually transforms into van Gogh's painting Starry Night]
Vincent Van Gogh: And you see how they roar their light. Everywhere we look, the complex magic of nature blazes before our eyes.

Vincent Van Gogh: It seems to me there's so much more to the world than the average eye is allowed to see. I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamt of.
The Doctor: You don't have to tell me

Vincent Van Gogh: [after seeing the TARDIS interior] How come I'm the crazy one, and you two have stayed both sane?

Vincent Van Gogh: [of the TARDIS console] What do these things all do?
The Doctor: Oh, a huge variety of things. Uh, this one here, for instance, plays soothing music.
[music plays and the Doctor and Amy dance]
The Doctor: Uh, while this one makes a huge amount of noise?
Amy Pond: [nods, whispers] Yeah.
[pulls the control and a noise is produced]
The Doctor: And this one makes everything go absolutely tonto.
[the console room shakes as the TARDIS takes off, throwing Vincent off balance, and they laugh]
Vincent Van Gogh: [reaching for a control] And this one?
The Doctor: [alarmed] That's the friction contrafibulator!
Vincent Van Gogh: [gesturing to another] And, this?
The Doctor: [pointing out red light] That's ketchup, and that one's mustard.
[Amy does presentator-hands gesture at a tall mustard-yellow button]

The Doctor: Come on, we'd better get you home.
Vincent Van Gogh: Where are you staying tonight?
The Doctor: Oh! You're very kind.

The Doctor: I'm going in!
Vincent Van Gogh: I'm coming too.
The Doctor: No! You're Vincent Van Gogh. No.
Vincent Van Gogh: But you're not armed!
The Doctor: I am.
Vincent Van Gogh: What with?
The Doctor: Overconfidence, this
[pats bag]
The Doctor: and a small screwdriver. I'm absolutely sorted. I just have to find the right prozactic setting and stun him with it. Sonic never fails.

[Amy, Vincent, and the Doctor walk to the church where Vincent will have had painted the Krafayis. Amy and Vincent talk while the Doctor listens, following behind]
Amy Pond: I'm sorry you're so sad.
Vincent Van Gogh: But I'm not. Sometimes these moods torture me for weeks, for months, but I'm good now. If Amy Pond can soldier on then so can Vincent Van Gogh.
Amy Pond: I'm not soldiering on, I'm fine.
[Amy giggles]
Vincent Van Gogh: Oh, Amy, I hear the song of your sadness. You've lost someone, I think.
[the Doctor silently notes this insight from behind]
Amy Pond: I'm not sad.
Vincent Van Gogh: [looking away] Then why are you crying?
[Amy reaches up to her right cheek and is surprised to find a tear there]
Vincent Van Gogh: It's all right, I understand.
Amy Pond: I'm not sure I do.
[the Doctor does and steals away their conversation]
The Doctor: Okay. Okay! So, now, we must have a plan. When the creature returns...
Vincent Van Gogh: [slowly turns as the Doctor speaks and interrupts, firmly] Then we shall fight him again!

Van Gogh: Painted with Words (2010) (TV)
Vincent Van Gogh: One loves because one loves.

Vincent Van Gogh: Alone, one is sure to perish. Only with another can one be saved. The best and most effective medicine is still love and a home.

[last lines]
Vincent Van Gogh: We are now living in a world of painting, where all people intercept money. But you mustn't think that I'm imagining things. People pay a lot for the work when the artist is dead.

Vincent Van Gogh: So then my brush goes between my fingers as if it were a bow on the violin, and absolutely for my pleasure!

Vincent Van Gogh: I feel... a failure. That's it as regards me. I feel that that's the fate I'm accepting. And which won't change any more.

Lust for Life (1956)
Paul Gauguin: With all your talk of emotion, all I see when I look at your work is just that you paint too fast!
Vincent Van Gogh: You look too fast!

Vincent Van Gogh: If I'm to be anything as a painter I've got to break through that iron wall between what I feel and what I express. my best chance of doing it is here, where my roots are... the people I know, the earth I know.

Vincent Van Gogh: I tried to show a place where a man can ruin himself, go mad... commit a crime.

Vincent Van Gogh: Please don't go. You don't know how alone feels!
Paul Gauguin: I know about loneliness! Only I don't whine about it!

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (1990)
Man: Are you alright? You appear to be injured.
Vincent Van Gogh: This?
Man: Yeah.
Vincent Van Gogh: Yesterday I was trying to complete a self portrait. I just couldn't get the ear right, so I... cut it off and threw it away.

Vincent Van Gogh: A scene that looks like a painting doesn't make a painting. If you look closely, all of nature has its beauty.

Vincent et moi (1990)
Jo: Oh. The Blue Cart. It's wonderful! I've always loved that one.
Vincent Van Gogh: You've always loved that one? That's impossible. I just finished it.
Jo: I've seen it before.
Vincent Van Gogh: I can't believe you.
Jo: It's true.
Vincent Van Gogh: You know my paintings, you know my name. How is it possible?
Jo: Maybe I shouldn't tell you. It might disturb history.
Vincent Van Gogh: Oh, come on. Don't worry about history.

Jo: You know, I've always wanted to see you smile. And now you're smiling all the time. It's wonderful.
Vincent Van Gogh: You made me smile. Every painter likes to be remembered.

"Clone High: Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand (#1.1)" (2002)
Van Gogh: Am I on speaker-phone?
Gandhi: Hey, everyone, would Gandhi put someone on speaker-phone?
Partygoers: No!
Van Gogh: Gandhi, how could you?
Gandhi: Hey, Gandhi's anti-violence, not anti-comedy.