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Will Tutt (Character)
from "The O.C." (2003)

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"The O.C.: The My Two Dads (#4.9)" (2007)
Kaitlin Cooper: That was pretty good.
Will Tutt: [thinking she's referring to his performance in the school band] Oh, you saw the halftime show?
Kaitlin Cooper: I don't watch girls' basketball.
[holds up her own dainty hand]
Kaitlin Cooper: Chicks with big hands freak me out.
Will Tutt: So you must mean, like, today in class, huh? You like that.
Kaitlin Cooper: Maybe you're not a total geek after all. I mean, you're still a geek. But you got me pretty good. I gotta respect that.
Will Tutt: Well, your speech was pretty good, and I gotta respect that.
Kaitlin Cooper: It's not like I care if you respect me or not, but thanks.
Will Tutt: [preparing to walk off] So, you got anything else to say?
Kaitlin Cooper: No.
[makes devil-may-care big eyes]
Kaitlin Cooper: What else would I say?
Will Tutt: I don't know, you're still standing here.
Kaitlin Cooper: So are you.
Will Tutt: [leaving, as she tags along] Do you maybe, like, wanna do something?
Kaitlin Cooper: Something with you?
[laughing, leaving]
Kaitlin Cooper: I don't think so.
Will Tutt: Good. Because I didn't wanna do nothing anyway. I was just asking. You know.
Kaitlin Cooper: Really? Because that's what you do? Just asking people what they're doing?
Will Tutt: [cool] Exactly. Yep.
Kaitlin Cooper: Well, why don't you ask this guy what he's doing?
Will Tutt: [as a band member passes in the hall] What? No, I'm good.
Kaitlin Cooper: [calling after the guy] Hey, guy! Do you wanna do something with him? 'Cause his free later or something.
Will Tutt: [to the guy, who is looking back] She playing. She playing.
[to her]
Will Tutt: Trying to be funny, huh?
Kaitlin Cooper: Sorry.