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Medea (Character)
from Medea (2005)

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"The Odyssey: Welcome to the Tower (#1.12)" (1993)
[looking at images from Jay's world]
Medea: Brad comes from this place, too? Who is Brad to you, anyway?
Jay Ziegler: My father.

Jay Ziegler: I know you've got Brad locked up. I've got to see him. Right now.
Macro: Right now's not a good time for Brad. He's... busy. Thinking about his future.
Alpha: But people still want Brad.
Jay Ziegler: If they find out what you've done, they'll throw you out.
Macro: You're right. The people are always right. That's why we're gonna make you the new leader
Medea: What?

Fractal: You want to know what we should do with this kid? We should study him. I've seen what's in his head. Now, you may find these results "stunning," even "groundbreaking," but I believe this Jay kid is from... someplace else. A different dimension, if you will. We must analyze his mind if we are to understand the mystery of our own existence. Where did we come from, Macro? Where are we going?
Macro: You lost me.
[to boy giving him a manicure]
Macro: Buff that one more.
Medea: Analyze...? Analyze him? He's bringing our world to an end! We gotta maroon him on an iceberg or something!
Macro: [Macro bangs his gong] Those ideas don't work for me. What does work for me is using this "problem" to our advantage.

Hercules in the Haunted World (1961)
[first lines]
Medea: This is Italia, a kingdom city of ancient Greece in an age of myth and legend. It is a time when Olympian gods and demigods rule over the elements of nature and control the destinies of men.

Medea: I am Media, official oracle of the immortal gods; Sorceress of Italia. It is I who will tell of what has happened in this kingdom. It is I who will foretell what shall come to pass.

Medea: So it is a weapon you see, oh mighty hero? I cannot help you, Hercules. The forces of evil have bound me into an oath of silence and I must not speak.

"The Odyssey: The Brad Exchange (#1.11)" (1993)
Medea: You just let the Wrecker right into the Tower! Who knows what he could destroy in there? He could change everything!
Frances X: Let's hope so.

Frances X: You trade Brad's things, but you don't even know why they're valuable. You worship his image, but you ignore his ideas. Brad made the checkpoints so that ordinary people who really wanted it, and who really tried hard, could get to be Tower people. They could learn stuff in the Tower. Then go back outside and help others. That's the way it's supposed to be.
Medea: What do you know about it, lizard lips?
Frances X: Because I am Francis X, Brad's checkpoint keeper. He told me to make sure the checkpoints are done right, and Jay has done them right.

"The Odyssey: Whispers Like Thunder (#2.4)" (1994)
Medea: I thought Jay was the wrecker.
Fractal: It's within the statistical sphere of probabilities.
Medea: But we got rid of him. Now this?
Fractal: See, the trouble with the unscientific method is it's nonspecificity. What's important is not your ouija board. What's important is A. hypothesis, B. antithesis and C. synthesis.
Medea: I knew that.
Fractal: Thesis: Jay by his very presence will wreck the world.
Medea: I already said that.
Fractal: Antithesis: Jay by his very presence will not wreck the world. Neither the antithesis nor the thesis concur with the empirical realities of observation. Jay was in the world a long time without it getting wrecked. However, there does appear to be a link between him and the world falling apart. Synthesis: Jay wrecks the world when he leaves it.
Medea: Oh. Of course. Everything started to fall apart when he left. And the grownups?
Fractal: To restate the obvious, stories of the grownups only became rampant only after the world started to fall apart.
Medea: [groans] I've been trying to get rid of him when all along I should've been trying to lock him up here forever.
Fractal: If you can lock up someone who just disappears.
Medea: Well, then, we'll just have to convince him that it's in everybody's best interest for him to stay.
Fractal: First, you have to get him to come back.

"The Storyteller: Greek Myths: Theseus & the Minotaur (#1.1)" (1991)
Theseus: I seek purification from the king.
Medea: [sarcastic] Of course you do.
Aegeus: What is your name, warrior?
Theseus: Theseus, lord.
Aegeus: Your lineage?
Theseus: Some say my father is of the sea, some say he is a great king.
Medea: The king is insulted by riddles, does he have your allegiance?
Theseus: I would give my life for him. I would take life from all who are his enemies.

Jason and the Argonauts (1963)
Medea: The goddess Hecate has spoken. There will be one among us today from the ends of the world. His name is Jason. Any man of whom he asks his way shall say this: Aeetes, king of Colchis, awaits him in the temple of Hecate. And that is all *any* man shall say to him.