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Quotes for
George Barker (Character)
from Bloody Mama (1970)

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Ma Barker's Killer Brood (1960)
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Show him boys
George Barker: Where did you get these?
Fred as a Boy: Out of the collection plate.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Without anyone being the wiser. That took guts!
George Barker: How long has this been going on?
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Oh a couple of weeks. It was their own idea. I thought it was kinda cute.
Doc as a Boy: Pretty slick, eh Pop?
George Barker: What kind of mother are you?! Letting your sons steal from church!
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Not letting them, George, encouraging them.

Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Don't you go tryin to deny it. I told Al and the boys if you shot off your bourbon mouth at that bar and got us in dutch I was going to finish you. I was going to do something about it! Now finish your pie.
George Barker: Ma
[nervous laughter]
George Barker: , you wouldn't do anything...foolish. Not to me...why after all, I'm your...I'm your husband!
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: I'm just about to divorce you, the quick way.