Ma Barker
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Ma Barker's Killer Brood (1960)
Machine Gun Kelly: Look friend, no one puts the rush on Machine Gun Kelly's girl.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Now, now, Kelly. You want to shoot it out with Johnny Dillinger you better go outside. Don't you go messin' around on my new furniture.
[Dillinger laughs at Kelly's shocked face]

Lou, Kelly's Girl: Why you old battle axe we wouldn't give you a-
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Oh sweet child! You say that again and I'll rattle your tonsils till that mink turns into the rabbit it is! I've got no time for cheats or...phony blondes!

Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Show him boys
George Barker: Where did you get these?
Fred as a Boy: Out of the collection plate.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Without anyone being the wiser. That took guts!
George Barker: How long has this been going on?
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Oh a couple of weeks. It was their own idea. I thought it was kinda cute.
Doc as a Boy: Pretty slick, eh Pop?
George Barker: What kind of mother are you?! Letting your sons steal from church!
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Not letting them, George, encouraging them.

Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Don't you go tryin to deny it. I told Al and the boys if you shot off your bourbon mouth at that bar and got us in dutch I was going to finish you. I was going to do something about it! Now finish your pie.
George Barker: Ma
[nervous laughter]
George Barker: , you wouldn't do anything...foolish. Not to me...why after all, I'm your...I'm your husband!
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: I'm just about to divorce you, the quick way.

Doc Barker aka Austin Bennett: Lou, honey, let's get lost while Ma and Kelly talk business.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: [laughing] Oh Kelly, no wonder you like to take Lou with you wherever you go.
Machine Gun Kelly: I don't getcha Ma.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: She leads real easy
Lou, Kelly's Girl: You're much older than I thought, may I call you grandma?
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: I ain't a grandma yet. I keep my boys away from the likes of you.
Machine Gun Kelly: Lou honey, Ma sure toppped you that time.

Lou, Kelly's Girl: [Ma grabs Lou's mink wrap, throws it on the ground and shoots it] Well why did you do that?!
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Thought I saw it move and I didn't want it to bite you.

Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Are you offering any cash?
Machine Gun Kelly: Of course we are. Lou figured we'd pay about-
Lou, Kelly's Girl: [interrupts] Not one red cent!
Machine Gun Kelly: But honey you said 50 grand.
Lou, Kelly's Girl: That was before we found Ma alone.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: I never heard of such a thing! Trying to steal another mob's kidnap, why, it ain't honest!
Machine Gun Kelly: You're in no spot to refuse Ma.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Do you want to gamble on that?
Machine Gun Kelly: Can you beat four of a kind?
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Depends on how big they are.
Lou, Kelly's Girl: I'd call them aces
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Oh honey, you've enver been known to be very bright.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: They look more like jokers to me!
Machine Gun Kelly: You're slippin Ma. A joker is still an ace.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Not in Texas poker! We strip out the joker and that's just what I'm going to do with your bad hand.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Fred!
[Steps out with a machine gun]
Lou, Kelly's Girl: That's a pretty low card Ma.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Well, maybe I'd better draw another.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Karpis!
[he steps out with another machine gun]
John Dillinger: [Kelly pulls out a handgun] You better draw your limit Ma, and fast. I'm losing patience.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: [calls] Baby Face Nelson!
[There is a pause while Kelly realized they are outnumbered]
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: And if Fred and Karpis and Baby Face and me ain't enough, I've got a wild card, a real wild card...
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: Johnny Dillinger
[he fires off a round at the ground near their feet]
John Dillinger: Fives beat fours, I'd say that Ma has the best hand.
Katherine Clark 'Ma' Barker: [Laughing] After this, folks'll be callin you 'Pop' Gun Kelly!

Public Enemies (1996) (V)
Kate "Ma" Barker: You said, "Dead by Christmas." Is that the kind of chance you're talking about?
Melvin Purvis: You can't believe everything you read in the papers. I'm the F.B.I., not a bounty hunter.
Herman Barker: No difference.

"Gang Busters: Alvin Karpis (#1.3)" (1952)
Fred Barker: What's the saxophone for, Al? You takin' up music?
Alvin Karpis: In a way - this kind of music's going to be our ticket to a better life. Meet "Baby".
[Karpis pulls a machine gun from his saxophone case]
Fred Barker: Wow! What a saxophone!
Ma Barker: Make way for a music lover. Al, can you really shoot this thing?
Alvin Karpis: I can make it talk, Ma. It'll tell any cop that gets in my way he made a bad mistake.

Bloody Mama (1970)
'Ma' Kate Barker: It's supposed to be a free country Mona. But unless you're rich, you ain't free and you know that. So I aim to be freer than the rest of the people.