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Anna Sage (Character)
from Dillinger (1973)

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"Gang Busters: Dillinger (#2.4)" (1952)
Mildred Jaunce: John Dillinger, the personification of the male animal - all appetite and no taste.

Mildred Jaunce: Let's not be childish, John. I like you because I like your money and because you fascinate me a little, like a deadly snake always coiled to strike.
John Dillinger: A snake? You know, that's wonderful! I swear that you'll be the death of me.
Mildred Jaunce: If you ever flex your muscle at me again, John, it will be the death of you.

Mildred Jaunce: I don't have much use for the human race, but I don't expect you to exterminate it.

Mildred Jaunce: You want me to put the finger on John Dillinger for you. I don't know... I like living.
Special Agent Lt. Clifton: Everybody does - including people Dillinger will kill if we don't get him first. You say he has a new face. We don't know that face - you do.

The Lady in Red (1979)
Anna Sage: Ok. Room and board. But if I even catch you sniffing around my girls, I will personally snip it off.
Polly Franklin: She uses hedge clippers too kid.

Anna Sage: When I come here, they drag me right off the boat and put me in a harness. The land of opportunity. I worked naked, in a crib, for nickels and dimes and I kept the coins in my mouth because I didn't have no pockets, see.