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Ellie Bartowski (Character)
from "Chuck" (2007)

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"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Beefcake (#2.15)" (2009)
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Yeah, sometimes you gotta play hard to get. Cold and detached is a very powerful aphrodisiac, babe.
Ellie Bartowski: So is abstinence, you want to try it?
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: [Devon looks at Chuck] Not getting involved.

Ellie Bartowski: Morgan what are you doing here?
Morgan Grimes: Chuck didn't tell you? This is kind of embarrassing, my mom is uh, romantically involved with my boss from work. So I need a place to stay.
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Big Mike's banging Bolonia?
Ellie Bartowski: Gross honey.

Morgan Grimes: Uh, why on God's green Earth would he ever *ever* break up with Sarah?
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Ask Ellie, it was her idea.
Morgan Grimes: Really?
Ellie Bartowski: What? He said that he didn't think she was the one.
Morgan Grimes: [Morgan sighs] There are a few precious things I know anything about in this world. Chuck's one of them. Believe me, Sarah's the one!
Ellie Bartowski: How do you know?
Morgan Grimes: How do I know? It's all over the kid's face. When Chuck is around Sarah, he is the Chuck we always dreamed of, all right? The Chuck that has the potential to do anything in the world.

Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Whoa!
Morgan Grimes: Evening.
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Talk about low hanging fruit!
Ellie Bartowski: Oh my God! I'm going to kill Chuck!
Morgan Grimes: Didn't Chuck tell you I sleep - in the - in the buff?

Chuck Bartowski: Ellie, Awesome, I have made a very important decision. I am moving out...
Ellie Bartowski: [Ellie gasps] Yes!
Chuck Bartowski: And moving in with Morgan.
Ellie Bartowski: NO!

Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: [Chuck is ignoring Sarah's calls] Yeah, sometimes you gotta play hard to get. Cold and detached is a very powerful aphrodisiac, babe.
Ellie Bartowski: So is abstinence. Wanna try it?

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Subway (#3.18)" (2010)
General Diane Beckman: In conclusion, General,I would stake my reputatin on the success of Agent Bartowski.
General Merriweather: [Chuck bursts in fighting Justin] As you were saying, General Beckman?
General Diane Beckman: What the hell are you doing, Bartowski?
Ellie Bartowski: Chuck, what the hell is going on?
Chuck Bartowski: Apparently I have no idea.

Devon Woodcomb: Chuck has been with the CIA for years. I am so glad you finally know. What a relief it is to talk. - - You don't know. Oh no, I just told you.
Ellie Bartowski: You are going to tell me everything you know, right now!

Ellie Bartowski: Devon and actual legitimate answer exists as to why my father has been missing my entire life. And you didn't think to ask that question?
Devon Woodcomb: Correct.
Ellie Bartowski: You need to find me somebody who knows a lot more than you do. Right now!

Ellie Bartowski: Morgan Grimes. The boy who took my pillow as his date to Junior Prom knows more about my family being spies than I do.

Steve Bartowski: If we're not back in 20 minutes, run!
Ellie Bartowski: I need to hear you say it. I need to know there's a reason you left us.
Steve Bartowski: ...It's a long story. I wanna tell you everything, but I gotta - I gotta take care of this first, okay?
[Hugs Ellie]
Steve Bartowski: This is the last time I'm going to walk away from you, I promise. Love you, baby.

Ellie Bartowski: I'm following them now. Are you ready?
Devon Woodcomb: We're ready. I'm warning you, Ellie. If we do this, there's no turning back, our lives are changed forever. I'm asking you one final time, are you sure this is what you want?
Ellie Bartowski: [Sobbing] Yes.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus Agent X (#4.22)" (2011)
Sarah Walker: [as Sarah's being spun around while Ellie's making her a toilet paper dress] Ellie, wait. We need to talk. Ellie, listen this can't wait. Okay? My - my employers know about - about your father's computer. And - and I have to take it to a secure -location. Right now!
Ellie Bartowski: What? Why? What happened?

Ellie Bartowski: This isn't my bag. This is Devon's bag. He must've taken it by mistake.
Sarah Walker: You know, it's okay. There is nothing to worry about. Nobody's in any danger.
Ellie Bartowski: Okay.
[a woman screams in the background]

Chuck Bartowski: And I-I-I don't think there should be any secrets between the two of us.
Ellie Bartowski: I've been working on something secret. I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to worry.
Chuck Bartowski: I know about dad's laptop, and his research. Mom told me.
Ellie Bartowski: So why are we here?
[Ellie chuckles. Then a sudden realization]
Ellie Bartowski: You're still a spy!

Ellie Bartowski: I was going to use this to find Agent X.
Chuck Bartowski: Ellie, you've found him. You're looking at the first human Intersect. It's me.
Ellie Bartowski: No, not unless he gave it to you before you were born. November 21, 1980.
Sarah Walker: What? There was an Intersect before Chuck?

Ellie Bartowski: I-I don't think that we're supposed to stop here, Chuck. I-I don't think we're supposed to just find Agent X. We're supposed to fix him. This isn't for the CIA to solve, Chuck. I think this is for us.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat (#4.4)" (2010)
Ellie Bartowski: Devon.
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Yeah?
Ellie Bartowski: Do you realize that you haven't addressed me in over an hour?
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Oh. Sorry babe.
[to the unborn baby]
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Gotta talk to Mommy for a minute, okay?
[to Ellie]
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Hello beautiful.

Chuck Bartowski: [to Sarah] Oh God. Ramming happening right now. What do we do? Any ideas?
Ellie Bartowski: [laughing on the other side of the door] Devon, you're so bad.
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: [laughing] How bad am I?
Chuck Bartowski: Good Lord, get me out of here!

Ellie Bartowski: [During the coup] Chuck, I know you're not a spy anymore, but I really need you to do some spy stuff.
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: [Someone shoots Devon's statue] Dude. They blew my head off.

Chuck Bartowski: Ellie, I'm looking for mom.
Ellie Bartowski: What?... Why?
Chuck Bartowski: Because I think - I think we should know the whole truth about why she left us.

Ellie Bartowski: But what if there isn't another side to the story? What if our mother is *exactly* who we think she is?
Chuck Bartowski: Then we'll find that out too.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus Santa Claus (#2.11)" (2008)
John Casey: [to Chuck] You owe me a toe Bartowski!
Ellie Bartowski: You're going to be okay, John. A lot of people get by with nine toes.

Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: I know you guys work at Buy More, but I'm a doctor, okay? I take risks every day. This is a matter of life or death. Someone needs to man up and take action. Someone needs to be a hero.
Ellie Bartowski: No they don't Devon. Being a hero is being alive to take care of friends and family.

Nathan 'Ned' Rhyerson: Chuck, you've been such a good friend to me, so I'm going to return the favor. I'm going to let your girlfriend go.
Chuck Bartowski: No!
Ellie Bartowski: Chuck?
Jeff Barnes: Ouch!
Lester Patel: Yikes! It'll be a cold Christmas a the Bartowskis.
Buy More employee: Oh no he didn't!

Chuck Bartowski: They're letting me go.
Ellie Bartowski: Oh, thank God!
[Hugs Chuck]
Chuck Bartowski: Good-bye Ellie, You know how much I love you, right?
Ellie Bartowski: hey! Cheer up. It'll be okay. You're acting like you're never gonna see me again.
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: See ya in a bit Chuck.
[Hugs Chuck]
Chuck Bartowski: [Quietly in Devon's ear] Listen there's a time to be brave and a time to be timid. This is a time to be brave, do it!

Ellie Bartowski: Great, so uh, my present to my fiancée is a ticket to death.
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Babe, it's completely safe. Besides I need the adrenaline rush, a little sense of danger in my life.
[Ellie scoffs]
Ellie Bartowski: What?

"Chuck: Pilot (#1.1)" (2007)
Ellie Bartowski: Go home Morgan.

Chuck Bartowski: Morgan, this is a bad idea.
Morgan Grimes: Well, we can't stay here, Chuck.
Chuck Bartowski: I'm uncomfortable with the plan.
Morgan Grimes: Plan? What plan? This is survival.
Morgan Grimes: [after hearing knocking at the door] That's her. We've been compromised. I'm a ghost.
Chuck Bartowski: [Ellie enters and turns on the light] Morgan, you can't leave me like this. You can't do this to me, man.
Ellie Bartowski: Chuck, what are you doing?
Chuck Bartowski: Uh, escaping.
Ellie Bartowski: From your own birthday party?

Ellie Bartowski: [Chuck enters, sounding bored] Hey, Chuck.
Chuck Bartowski: Ellie, captain. Don't freak out, remain calm. I have some news.
Morgan Grimes: [Morgan enters excitedly] Chuck's got a date!
Ellie Bartowski: [sitting up] What? *Who*?
Captain Awesome: Way to go, Chuck. That's awesome!

Ellie Bartowski: Aces, Charles. You're aces.
Chuck Bartowski: A dad quote. I'm impressed.

[First lines]
Chuck Bartowski: Morgan, this is a bad idea.
Morgan Grimes: Well, we can't stay here Chuck.
Chuck Bartowski: I'm uncomfortable with the plan.
Morgan Grimes: Plan? What plan? This is survival.
[knock knock]
Morgan Grimes: It's her! We've been compromised: I'm a ghost!
Chuck Bartowski: Morgan you can't leave me like this. You can't do this to me man!
Ellie Bartowski: [opens bedroom door] Chuck? What're you doing?
Chuck Bartowski: Uhh, escaping?
Ellie Bartowski: From your own birthday party?

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II (#3.19)" (2010)
Ellie Bartowski: No, wait. I'm sorry. That's the plan? We give up our lives?
Devon Woodcomb: Babe, it's best for all of us.
Ellie Bartowski: Devon, what are you talking about? This is not us. We do not live on grids, okay? We are regular people. We live on planet Earth. And my father was murdered today.
[Turns to Chuck]
Ellie Bartowski: *Our* father, Chuck. I'm calling the police, it's what regular people do.
John Casey: [Grabbing her cellphone] No. Hey, no calls! They'll track 'em.

Ellie Bartowski: I don't understand how you can know all this, how you can have all these secrets and I'm the *last* person to know. I thought I knew you better than anyone.
Chuck Bartowski: Not telling you was the best way to keep you safe. Believe me, there's no one I wanted to tell more. I mean, you raised me, you know?

Chuck Bartowski: We're going after them, and we're gonna take 'em down. The Ring. Shaw. For what they did to dad, they're not gonna get away with this.
Ellie Bartowski: Okay... And then you're done.
Chuck Bartowski: What?
Ellie Bartowski: As a spy. This - this life, this job. Chuck, I made a promise to keep you safe, and I can't do it. Not from this. So you finish it - and then you're done.
Chuck Bartowski: Ellie, I...
Ellie Bartowski: We're all that we have left, Chuck. And I'm not going to lose you, too.
Chuck Bartowski: ...Okay, I'll get Shaw and quit... I promise.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the A-Team (#4.18)" (2011)
Ellie Bartowski: The problem is I only have one test subject. So in order to control my experiment, we're going to have to have a second baby... Kidding.

Ellie Bartowski: I guess I thought that there might be something on my dad's computer that would - I don't know - change the fact that I'm just a stay-at-home mom.
Devon Woodcomb: Whoa. Whoa! Stop right there. You are Eleanor Bartowski-Woodcomb. PHD. MD. The brainiest, sexiest, kick-assiest woman I have ever known. You're not just anything, Ellie.
Ellie Bartowski: Really?
Devon Woodcomb: You're Mrs. Awesome.
Ellie Bartowski: Thanks.

Ellie Bartowski: Hi. You're home early.
Devon Woodcomb: Babe, it's dinner time.
Ellie Bartowski: What? Oh wow. Clara's taking a monster nap. I must've lost myself.
Devon Woodcomb: Is that -?
Ellie Bartowski: Yeah, great news. I found my dad's computer.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Helicopter (#1.2)" (2007)
Ellie Bartowski: How did you get in here?
Morgan Grimes: Chuck's window, or as I like to call it, the 'Morgan Door'.
Ellie Bartowski: I'm gonna go close the window.

Ellie Bartowski: Well, you've moved onto bigger and better girls. I don't really mean bigger like literally bigger... I just really like Sarah, and I hope you guys work things out before the next dinner party, of course.
Chuck Bartowski: I dunno, sis, I really think I blew it.
Ellie Bartowski: Look, Chuck, just try apologizing. It goes a long way.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil (#4.17)" (2011)
Ellie Bartowski: I will tell you that at some point every bride feels a little overwhelmed with this stuff. I totally did. But there was a moment when all that changed. I remember I was picking up our wedding bands and... I finally held them in my hand, and it all just became... real. I was gettng married to the man that I love for the rest of my life... And then I just broke down crying
[Ellie starts chuckling]
Ellie Bartowski: which sounds ridiculous right now.
Sarah Walker: [Slight chuckle] Yeah, a little.
Ellie Bartowski: A lot. But it was a turning point, you know. From that moment on, everything became... magical. It was my wedding. I don't know when and I don't know where, Sarah, but I promise it's going to happen to you.

Chuck Bartowski: [after overhearing some of Sarah's wedding plans] Ellie, what the heck was that?
Ellie Bartowski: I think I created a monster.
Chuck Bartowski: Yeah. Well, Cause I work - I work at the Buy More. And that stuff sounds kind of pricey.
Ellie Bartowski: Maybe you could just pick up a few extra shifts - or rob a bank?

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Santa Suit (#5.7)" (2011)
Ellie Bartowski: Devon, it's Christmas Eve. We are having a party in six hours. We don't have a Christmas tree. We don't have decorations.
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: I am Eleanor Woodcomb.
Ellie Bartowski: What are you doing?
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: I am Eleanor Woodcomb. Saying your name aloud helps to calm you. Reminds you tnat you are in control of your own actions.
Ellie Bartowski, Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: I am Elenor Woodcomb.
Ellie Bartowski: Yeah, that didn't work.

Chuck Bartowski: Nice shot, sis. But I told you to stay at home.
Ellie Bartowski: I am Eleanor Woodcomb. Since when do I do what I'm told? ,, That man took our father away from us. I wasn't going to let him take anybody else.
Chuck Bartowski: Merry Christmas, Ellie.
Ellie Bartowski: Merry Chirstmas, Chuck

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Curse (#5.6)" (2011)
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Babe, what if we're on a *real* spy mission?
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb, Ellie Bartowski: MARTINI!

Ellie Bartowski: Oh my God! Thank you.
Sarah Walker: It's gonna be okay.
John Casey: Rescuing Bartowskis is our business.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Dream Job (#2.19)" (2009)
Chuck Bartowski: [Entering] Ellie, hey.
Ellie Bartowski: [Ellie turns for a second] Hey, Chuck.
[Turns and faces Devon]
Ellie Bartowski: We can do cranberry which really brings out your - your
[Realizes he dad is with Chuck and turns around]
Steve Bartowski: Hello Eleanor.
Chuck Bartowski: Aren't you going to say something?
Ellie Bartowski: ...Pancakes.
Steve Bartowski: Oh boy.
Ellie Bartowski: You said you were going to make pancakes.
[Ellie storms off to her room]
Steve Bartowski: Well, that - that went well.

Ellie Bartowski: It's not your fault. I'm just - just so mad at him. Crazy old dad. Aren't you mad at him?
Chuck Bartowski: I was, yeah. But then I realized that - you know we can hate him for the rest of our lives or we can forgive him.
Ellie Bartowski: It's easier to hate him.
Chuck Bartowski: Well that may be, but he's all we got left, El. This could be our last chance to be a family.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Last Details (#4.23)" (2011)
Ellie Bartowski: Morgan?
Morgan Grimes: Yes, ma'am.
Ellie Bartowski: We have more twinkle lights, don't we?
Morgan Grimes: Yes, ma'am.
Ellie Bartowski: Because this place is has to be magical.
Morgan Grimes: Yes, ma'am.
Ellie Bartowski: MAGICAL, Morgan!
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Honey, you're scaring me.
Ellie Bartowski: Just keep it moving.

Ellie Bartowski: [while watching a video Lester made for the rehearsal dinner] Stop. Stop! Stop! Please make it stop! Oh God!
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Dude. Dude. That's just unholy.
Lester Patel: Thank you.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler (#3.6)" (2010)
Ellie Bartowski: [to Devon] You don't rock climb any more. You never work out. You just... lay around and watch TV all day. It's... like I'm married to Morgan.

Morgan Grimes: Are you suggesting that Chuck is caught in a big, giant web of conspiracy and - and deception?
Ellie Bartowski: I know. I know when you put it like that, it sounds ridiculous.
Morgan Grimes: Because I couldn't agree more! All right, I've been thinking about this for *months*. Finally, someone with some common sense.
Ellie Bartowski: Morgan, we have to figure out what's going on.
Morgan Grimes: Don't worry about it. I've got my *best* men on it.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Fake Name (#3.8)" (2010)
Ellie Bartowski: [Thinking Chuck's taking a shower] Chuck, listen. Uh, I get it. I'm not the one that you share everything with any more. I just - I just miss being that person. Everybody knew about this new girl you're dating before I did... I just wanted to let you know I'm a really good secret keeper. And if you don't want Sarah to know about the new girl.
Hannah: [Hannnah exits the bathroom wrapped in a towel] I won't tell Sarah if you don't. Uh, I'm Hannah.

Chuck Bartowski: I feel like I'm living a lie, Ellie. I used to be able to compartmentalize... these things. But it's like all the time now, it never stops. I fell like I'm not me anymore.
Ellie Bartowski: I think I know what this is about.
Chuck Bartowski: You do?
Ellie Bartowski: Maybe things are moving too fast with Hannah. And... even though you really like her. It feels dishonest. Because the truth is you still have feelings for Sarah. Does this sound about right?

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Suburbs (#2.13)" (2009)
Chuck Bartowski: Zip it, that is your wedding craziness right there. So keep that! That's yours. We're just house sitting, it's no big deal.
Ellie Bartowski: Okay, fine. Can we call it "Cohabitating with your longterm girlfriend in a house that doesn't have posters that were hung in the 8th grade"?

Ellie Bartowski: Well, what happened what went wrong?
Chuck Bartowski: I guess something that's been wrong from the start. You know?
Ellie Bartowski: Are... you guys aren't breaking up, are you?
Chuck Bartowski: No, no, no, no, no. Trust me. Sarah's not going anywhere.
Ellie Bartowski: Chuck, I guess I - I don't - I don't know what you're saying exactly.
Chuck Bartowski: Look El, I know how much you love Sarah. And I know how much you love the idea of us, and us moving forward with you and Devon, but we're not anything like you guys.
Ellie Bartowski: But you guys seem so perfect.
Chuck Bartowski: Yeah, I know. I guess, but being in that house with her, it was so close to being perfect. The way I had pictured it would be. Then I realized what was wrong with that picture... And it was us. Sarah and I are never going to be anything more than we are now. But you know what? I'm okay with that.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Push Mix (#4.13)" (2011)
Ellie Bartowski: Casey's family. Chuck and I do anything for family.

Ellie Bartowski: Devon. My water just broke.
Devon Woodcomb: But you're not due yet. What's baby Clara thinking?
Ellie Bartowski: Well, it happened about 10 minutes ago. I took a shower and had a protein bar. And now I'm ready to go. Let's go have a baby.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Truth (#1.8)" (2007)
Ellie Bartowski: Words taste like peaches.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible (#4.14)" (2011)
Ellie Bartowski: I made Chuck quit the CIA, and sometimes I wonder if that was the right decision. Because I know that he's a good person who's helped people and he's protected us.
Mary Bartowski: He's a Bartowski.
Ellie Bartowski: [Slight laugh] And says you're the best. I can't stop another person from being a hero simply because I'm... afraid... If you need to be a spy, that's not another abandoment. You'll still be in our lives.
Mary Bartowski: I want to give everything to this baby that I never gave to you and Chuck.
Ellie Bartowski: That's my job. You just have to be the best grandma in the world.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Mask (#3.7)" (2010)
Morgan Grimes: I don't think he wants us to know that he's gone to the... dark place.
Ellie Bartowski: ...Oh, you don't mean...
Morgan Grimes: Yeah. Junior year. When Jill dumped him, sat in his room and played Golden Eye for what, 3 months? Wonder if you can get bed sores from playing video games?

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Ring (#2.22)" (2009)
Ellie Bartowski: I can't believe your *idiot* friends ruined my wedding. I'm just - I'm *never* going to forgive Morgan for this!
Chuck Bartowski: Well, I think you're going to have to. Because Moragan, and Jeff and Lester, they only did what I asked them to do.
Ellie Bartowski: What?
Chuck Bartowski: *I* did all this. I forgot your rings. So I asked them to stall. So if you're going to be mad at someone, you should be mad at me... Please say something.
Ellie Bartowski: You... ruined... *the* most important day in my life!
Chuck Bartowski: Ellie, you have to trust me, all right? Take these.
[Hands Ellie the rings]
Chuck Bartowski: And I'll take care of the rest. Trust me.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover (#1.12)" (2008)
Ellie Bartowski: Wake up! WAKE UP!
[checking her clothes]
Ellie Bartowski: Oh thank God! Oh thank God! Oh God. What are you doing here?
Morgan Grimes: What are you talking about? You begged me not to leave.
Ellie Bartowski: Oh, ow! Okay, um there's uh, there's asprin on your side of the, on that side of the bed. Can you get me six?
Morgan Grimes: Anything you want.
[giving her the asprin]
Morgan Grimes: Here.
Ellie Bartowski: Thank you.
Morgan Grimes: We're cool.
Ellie Bartowski: For last night.
Morgan Grimes: You know nothing happened.
Ellie Bartowski: Mostly for that.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon (#2.16)" (2009)
Chuck Bartowski: Making, uh, making a list, are you? And of what may I ask?
Ellie Bartowski: Ah, where should we begin? Maybe that tron poster that you've had since you were 12.
[Devon laughs]
Chuck Bartowski: Dad gave me that poster.
Ellie Bartowski: ...I know. He loved that movie.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Suitcase (#4.2)" (2010)
Chuck Bartowski: Welcome to the new Buy More.
Ellie Bartowski: Yeah. Wha - What's going on? This place seems so strange.
Chuck Bartowski: You know - you know what it could be. The uh, the new corporate restructurtion that's going on right now.
Morgan Grimes: [Entering] Yeah. Well, the - excuse me, sorry. The restruction has been restructured. So although it may appear a bit... off. I can assure the Buy More is still the Buy More.
[the old Buy More crew enters]

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the American Hero (#3.12)" (2010)
Chuck Bartowski: Stupid? Maybe stupid's the word you're looking for. I get it, I went too far.
Ellie Bartowski: You didn't go far enough, Chuck! Sarah is special. I know it. You know it. If you love her, if she's the one, then you don't stop. You don't quit. You never go too far... You are a Bartowski, Chuck. Start acting like one!

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Honeymooners (#3.14)" (2010)
Ellie Bartowski: Truth is, I think I got so drunk, I guess I was upset with myself. I'm leaving my little brother.
Chuck Bartowski: I'm not so little anymore.
[Ellie and Chuck hug]
Chuck Bartowski: And uh, just so you know, you're not leaving me alone.
[Ellie notices Sarah]
Ellie Bartowski: You guys are back together?
Chuck Bartowski: We're together. I think I found the one.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp (#1.5)" (2007)
Morgan Grimes: I'm going home now.
Ellie Bartowski: That's my four favorite words.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Leftovers (#4.10)" (2010)
Devon Woodcomb: Whoa. Wait. Are you telling me you just solved a problem that your dad left you?
Ellie Bartowski: No. I solved it 20 minutes ago. And suddenly the computer just... locked up.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Gobbler (#4.12)" (2011)
Ellie Bartowski: We're going to have to make a million decisions like this, this is being a parent
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: I know but this is the first one, I think I've been stalling because I want to make sure we get it right
Ellie Bartowski: I'll make it easy for you, Clara or Grunka?
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Clara, little Clara Wood comb
Ellie Bartowski: I can't believe you thought I was going to name our baby girl Grunka, the name of the spoons I got at IKEA
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Spoons?
Ellie Bartowski: Mm hm
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: From IKEA?
Ellie Bartowski: Yeah

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Best Friend (#2.14)" (2009)
Ellie Bartowski: Wow. It finally pays to have a brother in mediocre places.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Sensei (#2.9)" (2008)
Chuck Bartowski: Dad's going to walk you down the aisle.
Ellie Bartowski: You can't... say that Chuck. I know you want that for me, but - we haven't heard from him in a really long time.
Chuck Bartowski: Yeah well, I'm going to find him. I'm a smart guy, I can do that. And when he hears about the wedding, he'll be here for you.
Ellie Bartowski: Come on. You really think he'll make it?
Chuck Bartowski: I guarantee it.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Nemesis (#1.10)" (2007)
[after everyone has run out on Ellie's Thanksgiving dinner]
Ellie Bartowski: No more family dinners, okay?
Captain Awesome: How do you feel about a destination Christmas?

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Broken Heart (#2.18)" (2009)
Chuck Bartowski: Nothing happened at the bachelor party. He didn't do anything. I swear!
Ellie Bartowski: Chuck, I saw the photos. Okay?... I'm sorry I know you're just trying to protect him. Bro code or whatever. But Chuck, I'm your sister!... You're supposed to protect me.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror (#4.6)" (2010)
Ellie Bartowski: It's ironic, isn't it? The mother I wish would disappear, is here to answer all my questions. And the mother I wish I could talk to, has disappeared forever.
Chuck Bartowski: Hey, Ellie, uh, you got plans tonight?

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Anniversary (#4.1)" (2010)
Ellie Bartowski: I'm really happy right now, Chuck. I mean I'm starting a family - a new family. And you have Sarah, and you're safe. And - just - I'm really so happy now.
Chuck Bartowski: [Cut to Chuck and Sarah in bed] I couldn't tell her, not now. She doesn't want me to be a spy. But our dad gave me this mission to find our mom. To know the truth. I can't not do this. I have to do this!
Sarah Walker: That's not being a spy. That's being a brother.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the DeLorean (#2.10)" (2008)
Ellie Bartowski: I can only assume you met some other Morgan at work, because the thought of you giving away a hunk of our nest egg is too horific to consider.
Captain Awesome: I didn't give it away. I lent it to him so he could get an apartment with Anna.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Zoom (#5.1)" (2011)
Ellie Bartowski: Chuck I don't think that dad wanted you to have the Intersect forever. And besides you don't need it. The computer didn't make you a hero. It just gave you the opportunity to become one. Now, it's up to you. Training wheels are off. You're going to fall down. But I promise you, you can do this. My two cents.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Cat Squad (#4.15)" (2011)
Ellie Bartowski: Chuck, you bend over backwards to help people. It's one of the reasons that you're so easy to love, but sometimes the best thing you can do is just take a step back. Be understanding. You don't have to fix everything.
Chuck Bartowski: So I blew it?
Ellie Bartowski: Big time. But I'm pretty sure she still loves you.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Pink Slip (#3.1)" (2010)
Ellie Bartowski: This isn't about you, Chuck. This is about us. We need a place for two. And you can get a roommate, you know. You have plenty of friends.
Morgan Grimes: I'm so happy right now!
Ellie Bartowski: *Other* friends, Chuck. Other friends.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Tooth (#3.16)" (2010)
Ellie Bartowski: No Devon, I was just in his apartment. And he has *guns*. Very big guns. We have to do something.
Devon Woodcomb: Okay. Okay. Casey has some serious guns. Is that creepy? Yes. Is that illegal? Sadly, no.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Masquerade (#4.16)" (2011)
Devon Woodcomb: [after putting Clara to sleep] Are you saying it's time for mommy and daddy to celebrate Valentine's?
Ellie Bartowski: Can we not call ourselves "mommy" and "daddy" in the bedroom?
Devon Woodcomb: How about "Who's your daddy?"
Ellie Bartowski: Still no.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus Phase Three (#4.9)" (2010)
Ellie Bartowski: I'm late. I can't believe that I have to work for 2 days.
[about her father's computer]
Ellie Bartowski: This is all I'm going to think about the whole time. It's gonna kill me.
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Babe, remember, we're staying calm, okay? You go to work. You don't worry. Maybe I'll just call Chuck, we'll figure it out.
Ellie Bartowski: NO. No Chuck, okay? If this is spy related, it's gonna reel him back in. I want to keep him safe.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Sandworm (#1.6)" (2007)
Morgan: Ellie, would you characterize me as immature?
Ellie Bartowski: Do you really want me to answer that?

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff (#4.20)" (2011)
Ellie Bartowski: Look at this. This Intersect Project - downloading information into the human brain - amazing stuff.
Mary Bartowski: I've never heard of it.
Ellie Bartowski: Do you think that dad had the Intersect up and running with this Agent X?
Mary Bartowski: I really don't know, honey. I don't know.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the First Date (#2.1)" (2008)
Ellie Bartowski: What about you any revelations? Any ideas what you'll do next?
Chuck Bartowski: Uh, yeah, a few.
Ellie Bartowski: If you say pilot the Millennium Falcon, I *will* hit you.
Chuck Bartowski: Uh, why would I say that? That's absurd. I'm going to be a ninja assasin.
Ellie Bartowski: No! Try again.
Chuck Bartowski: Um. Olympic ...
Ellie Bartowski: Uh Uh.
Chuck Bartowski: [slight pause] Secret Agent.
Ellie Bartowski: This is what happens when you sit in front of the television set too long.