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Garth Brooks (Character)
from "Your Big Break" (1999)

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"Saturday Night Live: Helen Hunt/Snoop Doggy Dogg (#19.16)" (1994)
Cindy Crawford: Hi, I'm Cindy Crawford for MTV News. For the last several weeks, the story of President Clinton's Whitewater scandal has dominated the headlines. We at MTV initially thought we weren't going to be able to cover the Whitewate affair at all. Mostly because many of our viewers, myself included, don't really understand Whitewater, or even know what it is. But that's all changed, now that some of the biggest singers in rock have come together to sing a song about it. Let's take a look!
[Garth Brooks is in front with Tina Turner; he plays guitar, while Tina contorts her body every which way]
Tina Turner: Back in 1978, the Clintons bought some land to sell vacation homes; 230 acres, to be exact.
Garth Brooks: They borrowed $203 thousand dollars with their friends the McDougalls / And formed the Whitewater Development Corporation.
Tina Turner: And that's a fact.
Jerry Garcia: In 1980, MacDougal buys the Madison Bank & Trust; / He lends his partner Hillary 30 grand to buy a model home on a Whitewater lot.
Michael Bolton: He loans her the money to get around laws which prevents him from loaning money to himself / Or his company, whoa-oaa!
Jerry Garcia: And that's the plot.
Naomi Judd, Wynona Judd: [singing together] It's very complicated / It's hard to understand / We'll try to walk you through it / Come on and take my hand.
Aaron Neville: In 1984, Whitewater helps Bill pay back a $20,000 personal loan to the Cherry Valley Bank / And the Clintons claim the payment as an interest deduction on their tax return.