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Biography for
Kratos (Character)
from God of War (2005) (VG)

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Kratos was once a merciless sergeant of the renowned Spartan army. On the verge of defeat, Kratos sells his soul to the Ares, son of Zeus and god of war. With his new allies, Kratos becomes a champion of Olympus and wreaks havoc across Greece. Haunted by his memories of his malicious acts upon the innocent, he is bestowed a mission to kill the man who owns him. He must kill the god of war. With his extraordinary strength and cunning, he manages to prevail in an epic battle with the god of war. After slaying Ares, Kratos becomes the god of war and continues to conquer. However, Zeus portrays Kratos as a threat to his title as ruler of Olympus and tricks him into giving up his godly powers. Without his powers Kratos is susceptible to Zeuss awesome supremacy, and falls before him. Kratos fights his way out of the clutches of Hades himself and embarks on a quest to change what no god or mortal has ever changed before. He goes on a quest to change his fate. With a true test ahead of him Kratos must meet the Sisters of Fate and escape his own death and murder another god. This time it is the king of all gods, Zeus. Will Kratos triumph? Will he survive? Will he manage to kill the ruler of Olympus and claim victory once again? I suppose you will have to figure that out for yourself. After he managed to killed Zeus and bring down the Olympic all by himself. The world was in the brink of Chaos. Due to him, slaughtered all the Gods and unleashed the Pandora's box. The box contained the Hope, that gave enormous strength to Kratos in order for him to defeat Zeus, but beneath that, are all the Evils and Chaos of the world.

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