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Bart Biederbricke (Character)
from "Days of Our Lives" (1965)

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"Days of Our Lives" (1965)
Innkeeper: Where have you been?
Bart Biederbicke: Still looking for Deveraux... you seen any sign of him?
Innkeeper: He seemed to have vanished... how, I don't know.
Bart Biederbicke: All right, we got men posted at all the exits, all right, I hand-picked them myself, so you know they're plenty sharp.
Innkeeper: Even if he escapes the inn, at this time in the mountains, he can't go through. He won't go too far.
Bart Biederbicke: Good.
Jack: [Sneaking to the window after they leave]
[Quietly to himself, but directed at them]
Jack: Don't be so sure. You obviously never saw the end of the Sound of Music.
[as he jumps out the window]

"Days of Our Lives: Episode #1.9476" (2003)
Tony: How would you like some nasty blokes messing around with your mother's remains?
Bart: Well, I wouldnt, she's still alive.
Tony: Oh.