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Quotes for
Piggy (Character)
from Lord of the Flies (1990)

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Lord of the Flies (1963)
Ralph: [thinking about Simon's death] Piggy?
Piggy: Huh?
Ralph: Piggy, that was murder.
Piggy: You stop it! What good are you doing talking like that? It was dark. There was that bloody dance. There was thunder and lightning and rain. We were scared. It wasn't what you said.
Ralph: [sobs] Oh, Piggy!
Piggy: [comforts him] It was an accident. He was batty. He asked for it. It was an accident.
Ralph: Oh, God, I want to go home!

Piggy: You and your blood, Jack Merridew! You and your hunting! We might've gone home!
Jack: We needed meat.
Piggy: You didn't not to have let the fire go out!
[Jack slaps Piggy across the face making Piggy's glasses fall off]
Piggy: My specs!
Simon: [picks them up] Here. Here they are.
[Piggy puts them on but realizes one of the lenses have cracked and missing pieces]
Piggy: [vengefully] JUST YOU WAIT!

Piggy: I've got the conch!
[the boys jeer and taunt him from above the cliff]
Piggy: [shouts] Which is it better to be, a pack of painted savages like you are, or sensible like Ralph is? Which is better, to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?
[Roger goes angry and pushes a huge boulder, which heads right to Piggy]
Piggy: AAH!
Ralph: Piggy!
[the boys go silently still as they see Piggy's body wash away in the sea]

Piggy: What's your name?
Ralph: Ralph.
Piggy: I don't care what they call me, as long as they don't call me what they did in school.
Ralph: What's that?
Piggy: They used to call me Piggy.
Ralph: [laughs] Piggy!
Piggy: As long as you don't tell the others.

Piggy: [as the other boys eat] Aren't I having none?
Jack: You didn't hunt.
Piggy: No more did Ralph, no more did Simon.
[Simon offer Piggy food]
Jack: [angrily tosses a piece of pig meat at Simon] Eat, damn you!

Ralph: [while swimming in the ocean] Aren't you coming in?
Piggy: Oh, it's hot. No, my auntie wouldn't let me, count of my asthma.
Ralph: Sucks to your asthma!
Piggy: You can't half swim well.

Piggy: [as the boys are talking about the beast] I don't believe in no ghosts, ever.
Jack: Who cares what YOU believe, Fatty!
[the boys laugh]
Simon: [looking disturbed] Maybe there IS a beast.
[the boys laugh again]
Ralph: Hear him! He's got the conch.
Simon: What I mean is... maybe, it's only us.
Piggy: Nuts!

Lord of the Flies (1990)
Piggy: We did everything just the way grownups would have. Why didn't it work? Things would be much better here if it wasn't for him. I wish he was dead.
Ralph: No, you don't.
Piggy: I do! We could just give up and join his tribe. Then we'd at least be with the others.
Ralph: No, Piggy.
Piggy: Ralph... I can't see.
Ralph: I know.

Piggy: We might have to live here for a long time! Maybe the rest of our lives! If we *are* stuck here until we get old, then we can't go on acting like kids! We've got to be sensible and make things work!
Ralph: [looking up] No!
[a rock is pushed off the cliff above, killing Piggy]
Ralph: You're not gonna get away with this.
Jack Merridew: Yeah? Well, what are you going to do, huh?

Piggy: What good is that gonna do? They can't cook pigs without a fire. They'll get trichinosis.

Jack Merridew: What won't matter?
Piggy: Whether we get rescued
Jack Merridew: You better start learning to live with yourself, because we ain't gonna get rescued
Piggy: What are you talking about?
Jack Merridew: Just being logical, a plane goes down in the middle of the ocean, theres no wreckage, who's gonna find us?
Piggy: Why don't you just shut up!
Jack Merridew: Are you telling me to shut up?
Piggy: What we need around here is positive people, not people trying to scare people!
Jack Merridew: What we don't need around here is you shitbrain!
Sam, Twin #1: His name's not shitbrain, It's Piggy!
Jack Merridew: Yeah Piggy!
Ralph: Shut up! Everybody just shut up!

Piggy: [crying] Oh my God! They broke my Glasses!