Dr. Leonard Gillespie
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Dr. Leonard Gillespie (Character)
from Young Dr. Kildare (1938)

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3 Men in White (1944)
Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: You hypocritical two-headed snake in the grass, what do you mean sneaking around here all morning?

Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: The trouble with your stooges is they're anemic. I feed my stooges B-1

Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: No man has the right to be a doctor unless he can go six months without sleep food or money.
Dr. Lee Wong How: Well I can go six months without sleep or money, I live in Brooklyn.

Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: When I say you're late, I mean 30 years late. If you had come into this office when I was 25 you'da had just one minute to decide if you were gonna yell for help or yell for the preacher.

Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: When I say you're late, I mean 30 years late. If you had come into this office when I was 25 you'd have had just one minute to decide if you were going to yell for help or yell for the preacher.

Calling Dr. Kildare (1939)
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: You know we haven't the faintest idea yet what doctors can really do. Why, there's enough money, time and labor lost through illness to pay all the debts on Earth - to say nothing of the tragedy that's caused when some little pay envelope's shy two day's wages. But there's a day coming - I won't live to see it - when man, who didn't ask to be put on this Earth, will be guaranteed by all the resources of the human race his right to health added to his rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Well, Mrs. Thatcher, that diet you thought out for yourself has certainly given you a lovely figure.
Mrs. Thatcher: And three days a week, I don't eat any lunch at all.
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Oh, that's fine. That's fine... Now you just keep that up. By next year, you'll have the finest figure in the cemetary. Fools! Life's given you women free of charge a most magnificient piece of machinery possible to conceive - the human body! And you try to run it without fuel! You'll eat or you'll die! Next patient!

Dr. Leonard Gillespie: How much time have you wasted on this foolishness?
Dr. James Kildare: Only two days.
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Unfortunately there's just as many diseases as there are persons. So at two days per disease, it'd take you till Judgment Day to make your diagnosis!
Dr. James Kildare: I was taught in medical school that the way to diagnose an illness was to check the clinical signs against the case history and draw a conclusion.
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: [lets out a disagreeable grunt]
Dr. James Kildare: Well ninety-nine times out of a hundred those rules work.
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Well the hundredth man has a right to live, too!

Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Did it ever occur to you that a guinea pig doesn't have a wife that sneaks out dancing every night? That a guinea pig's never overdrawn at the bank? That a guinea pig never worries himself sick because he's in love with a blonde chorus girl?

Dr. Leonard Gillespie: I have a curious fondness for you. May be your innate charm or my own bad judgment.

Between Two Women (1945)
Nurse 'Nosey' Parker: Doctor, it's after one o'clock and you're having Miss Molly Byrd for lunch.
Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: Awww... she's too tough. Get me some lamb chops!

Nurse Molly Byrd: Don't you know that if you tell lies you'll never get to heaven?
Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: I'm not particularly anxious to get to heaven - on account of the trouble I'd have in getting my shirt on over my wings.
Nurse Molly Byrd: Oh, don't worry about that, Leonard. Your trouble is going to be getting your pants on over your tail.
Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: [does a spit-take with his coffee]

Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: I didn't know there were ten doctors as smart as I am.

Dr. Kildare's Strange Case (1940)
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Well, Mr. Ingersoll, good morning, and how are you feeling today?
Rufus Ingersoll: Never felt better in my life!
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Oh ho, that's fine. That's fine... because your system's in a state of collapse. Siddown before you fall down!

Dr. Leonard Gillespie: The operation was a success but the patient died.

Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (1941)
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: I wouldn't go to your place if it was next to a nudist camp.

Dr. Leonard Gillespie: A man can only destroy his own life. A woman can destroy the God-given generation that might make her life complete.

Dr. Kildare's Victory (1942)
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: When I was a young doctor the gals used to go for me in a big way.
Nurse Molly Byrd: Sure but during the Civil War, most of the attractive men were at the front so the girls didn't have much choice.

Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Well, what's the big secret, Helen? You don't mean to tell me you're all well and want to go home?
Helen: No, but I eat all my carrots and it didn't make my hair a bit curly. Dr. Gillespie, I'm afraid you're an awful liar.

Dark Delusion (1947)
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Be careful with those studs. A girl in Oklahoma City gave those to me.
Dr. Lee Wong How: In Oklahoma City?
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Yes, I'd a married that girl if she hadn't liked Limburger Cheese for breakfast.

Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940)
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: [addressing graduating interns] Gentlemen, I salute you. You're about to go out and engage yourself in the noble profession of practicing medicine. Well my heart bleeds for you. But since we're all aware of what you'll have to face, perhaps you'll accept a few hints from a man old enough to know better. Never expect to get a good night's sleep. Many illnesses start at noon, but nobody ever seems to call the doctor before midnight. No matter how ill the patient is, you'll have more trouble with the relatives. Always remember that many times your only job will be to keep the patient happy because nature's going to cure him and you'll get all the credit.
Dr. Walter Carew: Thank you, Leonard.
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: Well don't thank me yet - I'm not through. Gentlemen, nobody has the right to live without paying for his existence with some service to mankind. Your service is man's most precious boon. The alleviation of pain and the postponement of death. Be proud of it. I'm sending you out in the world with a message of hate. Hate for disease and ignorance. Cherish that hatred and you'll never quit, no matter how tough the going gets. I see courage in your faces, and I know you got it in your hearts. At any time if I could help you... why... Well, goodbye and good luck.

Dr. Kildare's Crisis (1940)
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: It doesn't do a man any good to tell him he has an incurable disease. Eventually the divine power which put us all here manages to remove the fear of death and replaces it with a great understanding.

The Secret of Dr. Kildare (1939)
Dr. Leonard Barry Gillespie: Even good doctors often forget that fear is a tyrant over the body as well as the mind. People can acquire the evil results of every disease just through fear alone.

Calling Dr. Gillespie (1942)
Dr. Leonard Gillespie: To be successful in love you've got to be a doggone good liar. I mean it, both before and after marriage.

Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case (1943)
Dr. Lee Wong How: [referring to a double amputee patient from Pearl Harbor] Shall I take him back to the ward?
Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: Ward? No, get him a private room and, oh, see that he has a carton of cigarettes and a radio and the prettiest nurse you can find.