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Stella (Character)
from Silverado (1985)

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Silverado (1985)
Paden: Stella. Are you the Midnight Star herself?
Stella: I am. I'm always there, but I only shine at night.

Stella: The world is what you make of it, friend. If it doesn't fit, you make alterations.
Paden: I'll drink to that.

Paden: [lifts his drink] To my midnight star.
Stella: Cobb's using me to stop you. So good people are being hurt because of me. That makes me mad. Some people think because they're stronger, or meaner, that they can push you around. I've seen a lot of that. But it's only true if you let it be. The world is what you make of it.
Paden: I like your attitude. But it can be risky.
Stella: I'm ready for that. What about you?
Paden: [heavy sigh] I don't want you to get hurt.
Stella: He can't hurt me... if he's dead.

Phoebe: [Phoebe stands between Jake and an angry Tyree] Nothing happened, Tyree. This is my job.
Tyree: Shut up.
Jake: I don't believe a lady has to explain anything to a man this ugly.
[Two deputies come up behind him, but he doesn't seem to notice]
Paden: [Comes up behind Tyree] What's the trouble here?
Tyree: Stay out of this, Paden.
Stella: He can't do that, Tyree. Cobb's hired him.
Tyree: That's Cobb's mistake.
Stella: Come on out of there, Phoebe, you've done enough.
[Phoebe moves to leave, but Tyree pushes her back. Paden takes Tyree's gun and points it at him]
Paden: Go on home, Jake.
Jake: All I did was kiss the girl.
Paden: That's what you said in Turley. Remember how that ended?
Jake: What's the matter, Paden? You afraid I couldn't get those two behind me?
Paden: I don't want you getting anybody in my place.
Jake: [Takes his hat, faces the deputies, and points a finger at them] Boom.
[He leaves]
Tyree: [to Paden] I should've killed you a long time ago.
Paden: [Offering Tyree's gun back to him] Why not now?
[Tyree takes the gun and holds it under Paden's chin]
Stella: Don't do it, Tyree. I just lost one partner. If you kill him, I'll never get anyone to work in here.
Tyree: You better start looking.
[He takes the gun from under Paden's chin and leaves]
Stella: You really are a gambler, aren't you?
Paden: [Walks up to the bar] Give me some of the good stuff.

Paden: [picks up a bottle in the back room] What's this?
Stella: That's the good stuff.
Paden: Yeah? How good?
[Stella smiles and pours two glasses. They toast]
Paden: Here's to the good stuff.
Stella: May it last a long time.

Stella: From what I've seen, Paden doesn't seem to care about money.
Cobb: Ha! Paden doesn't seem to care about anything, except he does. You just can never tell what it's going to be. Howdy, Mr. Slick.
Slick: Sheriff.
Cobb: Let me tell you about your friend Paden. A long time ago, me, Paden, Tyree, and a couple of other fellas did a lot of riding together. On business, and business was pretty good. We moved around a lot, the way you have to in that line of work. Somewhere along the way, we picked up this dog. One of us took to feeding it, so it followed us everywhere. Well, one day we're leaving this little Missouri town, in kind of a hurry with a bunch of the locals hot on our tail. Somehow this dog got tied up with Tyree's horse. Tyree went flyin'.
Cobb: Well, Tyree was pretty mad when he got up, and, being Tyree, he shot the dog. Didn't kill him, though. The next thing you know, Paden's down off his horse, and he's holdin' this dog, sayin' we should go on without him. I thought he was kidding, except he wasn't. Tyree was ready to plug 'em both - all this with the posse ridin' down on us.
[Paden has entered]
Cobb: I thought we were pals after all that riding we did together. All of a sudden he's worried about some mutt. Well, we did like he asked. We left him, and he went to jail for a dog. You want to hear the funny part? Paden didn't even like that damn dog.
Paden: It evened out in the end. They locked me up; the dog sprung me.
[Cobb laughs]
Stella: Where's the dog now?
Paden: He left me.
Cobb: C'mon, Paden... I'll buy you a drink.

Paden: Compliments to you Miss Stella. This is what I call a saloon.
Stella: Thanks. That's what I call it too.
Paden: And I know what I'm talking about.
Stella: You like a good saloon?
Paden: It's the only place I'm happy.
Stella: Me, too! What's wrong with us?

Paden: Is that a fair mix?
Stella: I'm saving lives here. The straight stuff will raise a blood blister on boot leather.
Paden: I meant, it seemed like a lot of whiskey.