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Quotes for
Lionel Dobie (Character)
from New York Stories (1989)

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New York Stories (1989)
Lionel Dobie: It's art. You give it up, you were never an artist in the first place.

Lionel Dobie: I have to pick up my assistant at the airport. I don't know why she can't take a cab like everybody else.

Paulette: I don't have to sleep with you anymore?
Lionel Dobie: I'm your ally against horse dung and fraud. That's as far as it goes from now on.

Lionel Dobie: [When Paulette sees Lionel appearing unexpectedly in Paulette's bedroom] I just wanted to kiss your foot. Sorry, nothing personal.

Paulette: [Seeing a patrol car with two policemen in it] Kiss the driver on the mouth. Then we'll talk.
Lionel Dobie: [Disbelieving the request and laughing nervously] What?
Paulette: Come on, and show me how much you love me.
Lionel Dobie: [Shaken and laughing nervously. After a pause] What if I do? Huh?
Paulette: Then I'll know your love is true, and if you don't, your name is King Bullshit, and I pack.

Lionel Dobie: You don't know how deep I go, or how down I get! I was married four times before you were born!