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Samantha (Character)
from "Samantha Who?" (2007)

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"Samantha Who?: The Family Vacation (#2.9)" (2008)
Dena: Really ? Your mom wants me to come ?
Samantha: Yeah, well, I mean, she said I could bring one friend. Just not Andrea, so, yeah.
Dena: I always wanted to go with you as a kid, but my mom was always sick. But now she's dead. Yay! That didn't come out right.
Samantha: No. But, listen, please, please, please, don't say anything to Andrea, okay ? I need to handle this very delicately, so zip.
Dena: Mm-hm.
Andrea Belladonna: I love these giant mugs. They make my hands look extra teeny.
Dena: Sam and I are going away.
Samantha: Dena!
Andrea Belladonna: What is she talking about ? Where are you going with her and not me ?
Samantha: Nowhere that you would want to go.
Andrea Belladonna: How do you know that ?
Samantha: On vacation with my parents.
Andrea Belladonna: Oh, ew.
Samantha: See ?
Andrea Belladonna: Well, it doesn't mean I wouldn't have liked to be asked.
Samantha: I know. I'm sorry. Andrea, would you like to come on vacation with me and my family even though it is 200 miles in a car with my dad singing "Rhinestone Cowboy" ?
Andrea Belladonna: Thank you. Yes, I'd love to go.
Dena: What ? No fair.
Samantha: Okay, shh.
Andrea Belladonna: Listen, my mom said I can only bring one person and I already asked Dena. And her mom's finally dead.
Andrea Belladonna: Lucky.
Dena: Yeah.

"Samantha Who?: The Job (#1.2)" (2007)
Samantha: So I said 'For Heaven's sake, girlie, have a piece of cake! Have two! What, is it going to kill you? It's only cake!'
Andrea: [as secretary nervously puts a fork full of cake into her mouth in the background] She's diabetic you know.
Samantha: Oh, for Heaven's sake! Honey, no, no. Spit! SPIT!