Juliet Draper
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Juliet Draper (Character)
from "Cashmere Mafia" (2008)

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"Cashmere Mafia: Dog Eat Dog (#1.7)" (2008)
Juliet Draper: Yes, Len, I guess I could wrap my head around signing a confidentiality agreement, as long as you'd sign one, too. But we're really getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we?
Len Dinerstein: I don't like to waste time. I'd rather be direct.
Juliet Draper: So would I. My relationship with my ex-husband... we were less than honest with each other.
Len Dinerstein: Been there. Hope it didn't put you off monogamy.

Mia Mason: OK. I'll say it. You're nervous about mixing friends and business.
Juliet Draper: I am not!
[long pause]
Juliet Draper: Okay, I am... a little.
Caitlin Dowd: We always mix friends and business. We do! We just did. Isn't that the point?

Juliet Draper: Our board understands that we know our brand better than anybody and they trust me to do my job. I'm pretty sure with all your money, you wouldn't want to be stuck battling with me on a daily basis.
Len Dinerstein: I don't know. Battling with you on a daily basis might be fun.

"Cashmere Mafia: Pilot (#1.1)" (2008)
Caitlin Dowd: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! We're all wearing black?
Zoe Burden: Well, it is New York.
[Juliet walks in and sees everyone wearing dark suites]
Juliet Draper: Okay. Who died?

Caitlin Dowd: I have a teleconference with Tokyo. I gotta run. I love you.
Zoe Burden: My nanny quit.
Mia Mason: Oh, no...
Zoe Burden: A whole thing...
Juliet Draper: I have to have sex with Davis.
Caitlin Dowd, Zoe Burden, Mia Mason: OH!
Juliet Draper: He's going on a business trip tomorrow. It's superstitious good luck thing with us.
Mia Mason: Kind of like a little bone-voyage?

Juliet Draper: Take a good look around at all of our friends. Go on.
Davis Draper: Okay.
Juliet Draper: Now you won't know when and you won't know who, but I'm going to take one of them as my lover and I'm going to do things with him that would curl your toes. And then I'm going to end it and you and I can start over with a clean slate.

"Cashmere Mafia: Conference Call (#1.2)" (2008)
Juliet Draper: [to Caitlin] You're gay now?
Mia Mason: Oh, she's not gay. You know what? She's hip. It's the thing to do. It's like when everyone was pregnant, you know. Lesbians are the new babies.
Caitlin Dowd: Excuse me, can the possible lesbian answer that question? I don't know if I'm gay or I'm straight. I don't want to join a union yet or anything. I met someone I like. It happens to be a woman. That's all I got. Just please, be supportive. I don't want your opinion or permission. And don't act like this never happened to any of you.
Mia Mason: Well, I went to Wellesley. It's practically part of the curriculum.
Zoe Burden: I made out with Jenny McGruber at summer camp. She was really good at lanyard. I had some amazing plastic jewelry that summer.
Juliet Draper: I was trying to process one lesbian...
[stares at Mia and Zoe]
Juliet Draper: Now I have three.

Zoe Burden: Let's do you next. What man do you want from this list?
Caitlin Dowd: I'm good.
Zoe Burden: What? What do you mean "You're good?" You're never "good".
Caitlin Dowd: Thanks a lot. I am... have a date.
Zoe Burden: Really?
Juliet Draper: You did mention last week you kissed someone.
Mia Mason: You've been holding out on us. With whom?
Caitlin Dowd: With a woman.
[Mia, Zoe, and Juliet all stare wide-eyed and shocked at Caitlin]
Mia Mason: You really have been holding out on us!

Emily Draper: [bringing home a bad report card with a devil-may-care attitude] I need you to sign this.
Davis Draper: What is it?
Emily Draper: Math test.
Davis Draper: You got a 56?
Emily Draper: [impatiently] Just sign it.
Davis Draper: Does your Mom know about this?
Emily Draper: [sarcastically] Yeah. Communication around here has been at an all-time high.
Davis Draper: You know, the last thing I need right now, is your attitude -...
[she raises her eyebrows, behind them Juliet enters]
Juliet Draper: Is there a problem?
Emily Draper: Mom!
[seeing the off-the-shoulder red halter top]
Emily Draper: I love the new look!
Juliet Draper: Thank you.
Davis Draper: Here you go.
[Dad signs, hands Em back the report card]
Emily Draper: Thank you for caring.
Davis Draper: [mind in different place] You're welcome.

"Cashmere Mafia: Dangerous Liaisons (#1.3)" (2008)
Juliet Draper: How do you take your coffee? My treat.
Cilla Gray: Light, no arsenic.
Juliet Draper: I'm looking forward to it, darling.

Juliet Draper: Bobby Walsh is in town.
Zoe Burden: Now? I thought...
Juliet Draper: Apparently he couldn't wait. I thought I see him tonight.
Zoe Burden: Talk about burying the lead.
Juliet Draper: I didn't say anything back there because I didn't want to get the cheering squad all riled up. I'm starting to have second thoughts.
Zoe Burden: You want me to talk you out of it? In which case, I would open with the remote, but undeniable possibility of contracting as STD. Then there is the Fatal Attraction syndrome.
Juliet Draper: Davis has been on his best behavior.
Zoe Burden: That's big of him.
Juliet Draper: You know, he was even talking about romantic getaways, going back to this resort we loved in Anguilla.
Zoe Burden: Wow! You ready for that?
Juliet Draper: Not at all. I'm starting to think Cilla was more than the meaningless fling that Davis makes her out to be.
Zoe Burden: What makes you say that?
Juliet Draper: That blog. A fling wouldn't lead to that kind of vitriol. Clearly, this was more. Hell hath no fury like a mistress scorned.

"Cashmere Mafia: Yours, Mine and Hers (#1.6)" (2008)
Davis Draper: Rafe has helped me see that you had just as much to do with this marriage failing as I did. I am not going to be the bad guy here.
Juliet Draper: Oh, really? What are you being now, the ingénue? You stole money from our mutual account.
Rafe Gropman: If it was mutual, he didn't steal.
Juliet Draper: [to Davis] You cheated on me!
Davis Draper: And you cheated on me.
Juliet Draper: Hardly.
Davis Draper: And you rubbed it in my face. At least I had the decency to try to keep my affair a secret.
Juliet Draper: Yes, the first word that springs to mind when I think of your affair with Cilla is "decency."