Cody Bennett
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Cody Bennett (Character)
from "Dexter" (2006)

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"Dexter: Popping Cherry (#1.3)" (2006)
Rita Bennett: [the family are working in the garden] Thank you for doing this, Dexter. I moved here from Michigan with dreams of fruit trees in my garden.
Cody Bennett: But they keep dying.
Rita Bennett: I can't help it, I kill things.
Dexter Morgan: That must be awful. Fortunately, I have a green thumb. The key to happy citrus is a fertilizer. Bone meal works the best.

"Dexter: Dex, Lies, and Videotape (#2.6)" (2007)
Dexter Morgan: Your mom told me about your culture presentation at school. Has your teacher assigned you a country yet?
Cody Bennett: [points at the globe beach ball] Saudi Arabia.
Dexter Morgan: No, that's Israel. I won't tell the Saudis you said that.
[points a Saudi Arabia]

"Dexter: All in the Family (#3.4)" (2008)
Dexter Morgan: [to Rita] My life has always felt like an unanswered question. A string of days and nights, waiting for something to happen - I didn't know what. Rita, we're connected. Where ever I am, I feel you. And the kids. With me. They're what make me real. I want us to always go out for banana splits. And replant the lemon tree that keeps dying. And I never ever want to miss a pizza night. And that's how I know I want to marry you. Because something as simple as pizza night is the highlight of my week. But not without the kids.
Dexter Morgan: [taking a knee] Cody, Astor, you guys are my family. I'm gonna hang on to you for dear life.
Dexter Morgan: [to Rita] Please, say yes.
Cody Bennett: [nods head yes]
Astor Bennett: [nods head yes]
Rita Bennett: [laughs through her crying] Yes! Yes, we will marry you.