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Tina Miller (Character)
from "Still Standing" (2002)

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"Still Standing: Pilot (#1.1)" (2002)
Lauren Miller: Beat it, squirt, and put some clothes on.
Tina Miller: Shut up, stupid. Mom said to take my clothes off.
Judy Miller: But, remember, the underwear stays on till after dinner.
Bill Miller: Same rules as when we were dating.

"Still Standing: Still Scalping (#1.10)" (2002)
Lauren Miller: Hey, Dad, if you and Mom go to the hockey game Friday night, can I still have my sleepover?
Bill Miller: Sure, but only if you promise to invite over some horn dog teenage boys. And, uh, make sure they bring beer and cigarettes.
Lauren Miller: Can't you ever just say no?
Tina Miller: Can I have a horn dog?

"Still Standing: Still Excelling (#1.17)" (2003)
Tina Miller: I wanna watch my Tiny Force video again.
Judy Miller: Again?
Bill Miller: Won't have to put the tape in, Tina. Just listen to Daddy's head, 'cause it's always playin' in here.
Tina Miller: [putting an ear to his scalp] I don't hear anything.
Judy Miller: Try his tummy. There's like a whole marching band going on in there.
Bill Miller: Yeah, the corn beef section's tuning up right now.

"Still Standing: Still Good Cop (#1.13)" (2003)
Brian Miller: This house is out of control! We need boundaries!
[Tina enters, face smeared with chocolate cake]
Brian Miller: Look at this! You're all sticky! Come on. We're gonna get you a bath and a hot meal.
Tina Miller: Thank you, Brian.

"Still Standing: Still Advising (#3.13)" (2005)
Judy Miller: Brian, what's the matter? You've been starin' at that book for over an hour.
Brian Miller: I don't wanna talk about it.
Tina Miller: He's got a crush on a girl at school.
Brian Miller: [darkly] Shut up.
Tina Miller: [unphased] Her name is Carrie Tyler and she doesn't know he's alive.

"Still Standing: Still Rocking (#1.4)" (2002)
Tina Miller: Daddy, where do babies come from?
Bill: Eh, when a mommy and daddy love each other very much, and there's nothing good on TV, they drink a magical potion that's brewed in the city of Milwaukee, and nine months later you're born.