Mack 'Dirt Diver' Gerhardt
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Mack 'Dirt Diver' Gerhardt (Character)
from "The Unit" (2006)

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"The Unit: Misled and Misguided (#4.10)" (2008)
Charles Grey: If you put a stray bullet through this
[vessel containing anthrax spores]
Charles Grey: it's night-night.
Dr. Donald Metz: So don't use bullets; use alternative ballistics.
Jonas Blane: That's an interesting technical term. What do you understand it to mean?
Dr. Donald Metz: Use frangibles, they break apart upon impact.
Mack Gerhardt: He's talking about Glaser rounds.
Dr. Donald Metz: Glaser rounds. That's it.
Jonas Blane: [Curling his lip] They're not lethal.
Dr. Donald Metz: I - understand that they're lethal with a head shot.
[Blaine narrows his eyes]
Dr. Donald Metz: [Nodding in satisfaction] Glaser rounds.

Mack Gerhardt: [Speaking of Metz] Who the Hell gave him any power?
Bob Brown: You heard him: he held a weapon in Desert Shield.
Charles Grey: [laughing] Is that what he was holding?
Jonas Blane: You know, a month's salary says he never made it out of his hotel room in Kuwait.
Mack Gerhardt: If that guy has seen more than an hour of combat, I'm gonna have to restructure my entire vision of the world.

"The Unit: Play 16 (#3.8)" (2007)
Colonel Tom Ryan: [steps to the pulpit] Blane!
Jonas Blane: [stands] Here sir!
Colonel Tom Ryan: Gerhardt!
Mack Gerhardt: [stands] Here sir!
Colonel Tom Ryan: Grey!
Charles Grey: [stands] Here sir.
Colonel Tom Ryan: Brown!
Bob Brown: [stands] Here sir.
Colonel Tom Ryan: Williams!
[pauses, looks to empty space where Williams should be standing]
Colonel Tom Ryan: Sergeant Williams!
Colonel Tom Ryan: Sergeant first class Hector Williams, born November 16, 1976, oldest son of George and Carol Williams. Killed... In action.

"The Unit: Sacrifice (#4.1)" (2008)
Mack Gerhardt: You pack a .45 instead of a 9?
Bridget Sullivan: That's right. When I can.
Mack Gerhardt: Why?
Bridget Sullivan: Which would you rather be shot with?
Jonas Blane: Ah, I'm gonna miss you when you're gone, kid.

"The Unit: Pandemonium: Part 1 (#3.1)" (2007)
Mack Gerhardt: Tiffy Tiffy Tiffy Lou, love my rifle more than you. Used to be my beauty queen, now I love my M16.

"The Unit: Exposure (#1.11)" (2006)
Julianna: I'd like to toast the young sergeant, and I'd like to toast the finest men that ever lived. Absent friends and fallen comrades.
Mack 'Dirt Diver' Gerhardt: Day of the Dead.
Julianna, Charles Grey, Hector Williams, Bob 'Cool Breeze' Brown, Kim Brown: Day of the Dead!

"The Unit: 200th Hour (#1.3)" (2006)
Charles Grey: Clean shot. We're ready to mix it up.
Mack Gerhardt: No, we're ready to clear the room. Bravo Team's coming in.
Hector Williams: Bravo Team?
Mack Gerhardt: They're taking our flight to La Paz. Pack it in. We're standing down.
Bob Brown: This one's on me. Sorry, guys.
Mack Gerhardt: Hey - "sorry" is what you tell your girlfriend when you finish too quick. Enough "sorry."