Isaac Wright
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Isaac Wright (Character)
from "Shark" (2006)

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"Shark: Here Comes the Judge (#1.15)" (2007)
Isaac Wright: Wow, that's a lot of blood. Judge definitely didn't cut himself shaving.
Raina Troy: No, but he may have just cut his own throat.

"Shark: Backfire (#1.17)" (2007)
Raina Troy: Look, no offense but I've dealt with guys like you before. Quiet, complicated all kinds of demons wrapped up in a pretty package. I'll pass.
Isaac Wright: So you think I'm pretty?

"Shark: In the Crosshairs (#2.8)" (2007)
Raina Troy: Hey if we're gonna be exercising this early in the morning, you mind if we try a yoga class?
Isaac Wright: Sweetheart, I don't think they make leotards in my size.