Jessica Devlin
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Jessica Devlin (Character)
from "Shark" (2006)

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"Shark: Eye of the Beholder (#2.3)" (2007)
Danny Reyes: What does every breast implant have in common?
Jessica Devlin: Besides a man drooling over it?
Danny Reyes: A serial number. The M.E's office recorded the serial numbers on Melissa's implants. The manufacturer says they were sold to a Dr. Niel Fuller in Beverly Hills.
Jessica Devlin: Nice work. And I had you figured for more of an ass man.
Danny Reyes: I don't play favorites.

"Shark: Starlet Fever (#1.14)" (2007)
[about a totally unbelievable witness]
Sebastian Stark: I can resurrect him.
Jessica Devlin: According to the Bible, you need three days for that.

"Shark: No Holds Barred (#2.6)" (2007)
D.A. Leo Cutler: See how nice it can be when we all play together?
Sebastian Stark: Problem is you only play when there's something in it for you.
D.A. Leo Cutler: Which makes me different from you... how?
Jessica Devlin: He's got you there.