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Robert McCallister (Character)
from "Brothers & Sisters" (2006)

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"Brothers & Sisters: Something Ida This Way Comes (#1.13)" (2007)
[Kitty and Robert enter a closet]
Robert McCallister: If this is where you keep the wine, where do you keep your clothes?
Kitty Walker: Shut your mouth and come on. Shut the door.
[Robert shuts the door and looks around]
Robert McCallister: I am having like a fifth grade flashback of Deena Segerson and seven minutes in heaven.
[Kitty pours wine into glasses]
Robert McCallister: Have you always been a closet drinker?
Kitty Walker: Are you done?
Robert McCallister: No, I'll think of some more.

Robert McCallister: [looking around closet at shoes] Wow, this is quite a collection.
Kitty Walker: Oh yeah, if only my shoes could talk.
Robert McCallister: These are sufficiently slutty, what's their story?
Kitty Walker: Hamptons, 2002, broke a heel dancing on a table. Got sandwiched in between this, uh, club promoter and some tortured playwright.
Robert McCallister: [pointing out red platform shoes] Do you want to explain those?
Kitty Walker: [laughing] Oh my God. Yes, Halloween two years ago, um, Tribeca loft party. Jonathan and I went as Sonny and Cher.
Robert McCallister: Jonathan?
Kitty Walker: Uh, yeah, Jonathan, my ex-fiance. Yeah, I'd rather talk about my shoes.
Robert McCallister: Understood.

Kitty Walker: You know tonight was unusually bizarre, even for my family.
Robert McCallister: Are you kidding me, it's been fantastic...
Robert McCallister: dinner theatre or the circus.

Robert McCallister: [in the closet] You know, we've been in here for like over a minute here, and we haven't even done anything. I got more action from Deena Segerson in the fifth grade.
Kitty Walker: I can't. It's not that I don't want to, and I don't mean that I do want to, it's just that even if I did want to, I couldn't.
Robert McCallister: With that kind of logic, are you sure you're not a Democrat?

Kitty Walker: Oh Kevin, you know please!
Kitty Walker: [to Robert] Now help me out, can you just please tell him that you have a gay brother too?
Ida Holden: Who's gay?
Robert McCallister: I think you just outed two brothers for the price of one.
Kevin Walker: Thanks, Kitty. That would be me, grandma. I'm gay.
Ida Holden: Oh, you're not gay. Justin maybe, but you?

"Brothers & Sisters: Everything Must Go (#3.4)" (2008)
[Robert picks up a G.I. Joe figure at Nora's yard sale]
Robert McCallister: How much do you want for him?
Kevin Walker: A lot.
Robert McCallister: Name your price.
Kevin Walker: You know what, I'll probably just hold on to him. I don't think he has any tours left in him.
Robert McCallister: He's gonna sit on a book shelf and have some R&R...
Kevin Walker: You say that now, and the next thing you know he's off fighting an endless and unnecessary war.

Robert McCallister: I'd like to offer Kevin a job.
Kevin Walker: What?
Kitty McCallister: As what?
Robert McCallister: I'd like you to consider replacing Kitty as my communications director.
Kevin Walker: That's a good one. That's a good... Why aren't you laughing?
Kitty McCallister: You know, honey, that's not your worst idea.
Robert McCallister: Right, he's perfect. He's smart, he's informed, he's a pain in the ass.
Kevin Walker: Thank you.
Robert McCallister: Well, you're not afraid to engage me.
Kitty McCallister: Yeah, you know, there's some sort of perverse sense in this.
Kevin Walker: I'm really sorry, have I just walked into an alternate universe where being a gay, liberal Democrat qualifies you to work for a Republican senator?

"Brothers & Sisters: An American Family (#2.2)" (2007)
Robert McCallister: Look, I don't share many of my future mother-in-laws views either... but she's not un-patriotic and she's certainly not treasonous, your words.
Luther Reeves: And I stand by them.
Robert McCallister: Well I'm not going to give you a education on discourse, but if you think that I came on here today to distance myself from Kitty or her liberal mother or her gay brother or my gay brother for that matter, well, Luther, you have got to be nuts.
Luther Reeves: Well that's extremely disappointing, because I believe America is looking for a leader who has the courage to stand up for what's right and to point out what's wrong.
Robert McCallister: And I think America's looking for someone who knows the difference. And the only way to do that is by listening... not antagonizing. My future in-laws are very different from me. And different from each other, so they are by definition my greatest asset... because they remind me that we are all part of a larger American family and that no one is irrelevant and no one should be ignored. And Luther, I think the bigger question is not why I feel a part of them, but why you don't.

Robert McCallister: Oh, um, you know, about the other thing... my answer... when soldiers stop dying.
Travis March: What?
Robert McCallister: That's when I'll stop going to funerals.

"Brothers & Sisters: Run Baby Run (#4.13)" (2010)
Roy Scovell: [Roy, Sarah's date, has just met Robert & Kitty] So is this for your first Walker dinner party?
Roy Scovell: It is.
Robert McCallister: Good luck.

Sarah Walker: Kevin, Roy was just saying how much he loved Kitty's book.
Kevin Walker: Oh well, she does have a great political mind. Wouldn't you say Robert?
Robert McCallister: One of the reasons I married her.
Roy Scovell: My sister gave it to me. She's a Democrat and I'm a Republican so...
Sarah Walker: Oh...
[rolls her eyes]
Robert McCallister: [Smiles] Oh this keeps getting better and better.

"Brothers & Sisters: 36 Hours (#2.7)" (2007)
Robert McCallister: Look, I'm warning you. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness again. I am the most ambitious man you will ever meet.

"Brothers & Sisters: Family Day (#1.11)" (2007)
Kitty Walker: We talked twice, once on camera for about, probably twenty minutes. I don't even buy shoes without walking around in them longer than that.
Robert McCallister: You see these shoes? I bought them on the Internet. Sight unseen, never had a problem. I'm a very good judge of quality, Ms Walker, and of how things are going to fit.
Kitty Walker: Did you just compare me to shoes?
Robert McCallister: You started it.

"Brothers & Sisters: Double Negative (#2.14)" (2008)
Boyd Taylor: If you say no to me, it'll be a mistake. The party leadership, the voters will see you acting like a little kid who lost, so you're taking your toys and going home.
Robert McCallister: I built a wide coalition. I bring a substantial amount of delegates. I have a primetime speech at the convention that I promise you I am going to knock the living crap out of. It'll set the conversation for the next four years. My seat in the Senate is safe, I am 42 years old, so with all due respect, I'm a long way from my curtain call.
Boyd Taylor: I'm offering you the second-highest position in our government. I suggest you take it.

"Brothers & Sisters: Valentine's Day Massacre (#1.14)" (2007)
Robert McCallister: If you're gonna ask me something, you should just ask it.
Kitty Walker: Senator, are you running for President?
Robert McCallister: Yes, I am, Miss Walker. You know what else? I'm gonna win.

"Brothers & Sisters: Game Night (#1.19)" (2007)
Robert McCallister: From what I hear, Kevin's a serial dater.
Kitty Walker: No, no, no, he just, he just, you know, couldn't, no, no, he was just picking the wrong guys.
Robert McCallister: Please Kitty, you used the phrase, and I'm quoting here, "man whore".

"Brothers & Sisters: Glass Houses (#3.1)" (2008)
Sarah Walker: Is Kitty still up?
Robert McCallister: You know, she's had a pretty tough day. I think maybe you ought to talk to her tomorrow.
Sarah Walker: She's that furious?
Robert McCallister: She's that hurt.
Sarah Walker: Right. I really want to fix this up. She's my sister, I love her, obviously.
Robert McCallister: Nobody can slide the knife between the ribs quite like the people who love us.
Sarah Walker: Yeah... You're not going to let me off the hook here, are you?
Robert McCallister: Is that what you came for?

"Brothers & Sisters: Love Is Difficult (#1.15)" (2007)
Kitty Walker: I've got to make Hair Boy look Presidential.
Robert McCallister: Senator Hair Boy, please.

"Brothers & Sisters: The Other Walker (#1.16)" (2007)
Robert McCallister: Hold on to what's good. What makes you happy.
Kitty Walker: You make me happy.
Robert McCallister: I do?

"Brothers & Sisters: Matriarchy (#1.23)" (2007)
Robert McCallister: I'm sorry about my family.
Nora Walker: You never have to apologize for family. Besides, it's refreshing to be the tame ones for a change.

"Brothers & Sisters: Book Burning (#3.2)" (2008)
Nora Walker: Robert, I understand you're feeling protective. But this is between Kitty and us.
Robert McCallister: No, tonight is about Kitty and me. It's not about anybody else. All you needed to do was keep your opinions to yourself for two hours!
Nora Walker: We tried.
Robert McCallister: Well, you didn't try hard enough. Look, I spend all my time dealing with spoiled, self-centered politicians, and tonight I feel like I never left D.C.!
Nora Walker: Well, we aren't politicians, Robert, we're human beings, and we don't know how to hide our feelings and pretend everything is hunky-dory!
Robert McCallister: It's not pretending, it's being considerate.
Nora Walker: I am considerate. I consider all my children all the time, and you don't know what it's like to feel that you've been betrayed by one of them.
Robert McCallister: No, I know how you feel. I know how all of you feel, because the minute you have a feeling you start spewing with complete disregard for anybody else like a bunch of children. You're adults, get a filter!

"Brothers & Sisters: Bad News (#1.20)" (2007)
Kitty Walker: Will you marry me?... Oh. Oh my God. No, no-no-no, I didn't, did I just say, yes I did, I did, I just proposed to you.
Robert McCallister: I think that you just did.