George Boleyn
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George Boleyn (Character)
from The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

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The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)
Sir Thomas Boleyn: Alright, now, open!
[advising Mary to open her eyes]
Sir Thomas Boleyn: I am to become an earl, your brother a viscount. In addition, we have received a number of new grants and estates, so are debts are paid and there's more: George, the king will arrange a match between you and Jane Parker.
George Boleyn: [frantic] I beg you father, no.
Sir Thomas Boleyn: I thought you had ambitions for this family. The girl is well connected, her fathers' cousin to the king.
George Boleyn: Must I actually marry her?
Sir Thomas Boleyn: Of course you must marry her. Have you no pride? Or would you rather leave everything to Mary?

George Boleyn: [about Henry Percy] He's betrothed.
Anne Boleyn: Betrothed is not married... It is a long way on bended knee to the altar.

Anne Boleyn: Henry Percy
George Boleyn: [Teasingly] Why ever would he interest you? What could you possibly want with the sole heir to the richest earldom in the whole of England?
Anne Boleyn: [Jokingly] Oh I have no knowledge of that! I simply like his face!
George Boleyn: Well, he's betrothed
Anne Boleyn: Betrothed is not married

George Boleyn: It's embarrassing.
Anne Boleyn: Look, she has her eye on you. Sweet Jane Parker would be a match to please our father.
George Boleyn: Ugh, vile girl, she's the most ambitious little servant in court.
Anne Boleyn: She can't stop watching.

"The Tudors: Everything Is Beautiful (#2.1)" (2008)
Thomas Cromwell: Ah, Mr. Cranmer!
Thomas Cranmer: I'm so sorry to be late, Mr. Cromwell. It's completely unforgivable.
Thomas Cromwell: Nonsense, we haven't even begun dining. It's good to see you. Mr. Boleyn, Mr. Wyatt, this is Mr. Cranmer.
Thomas Wyatt: Mr. Cranmer, you are a man of the cloth, I believe.
Thomas Cranmer: And are you not a poet, Mr. Wyatt?
Thomas Wyatt: That's the least of my sins. You may take one of my confessions after supper.
Thomas Cromwell: I wouldn't if I were you. It'll turn your hear white.
Thomas Cromwell: We were discussing before you arrived the progress of the Congregation of Bishops, which was called to decide upon the King's supremacy. His Majesty has wisely decided to appoint George Boleyn here to negotiate with Their Graces.
George Boleyn: I found most of them accommodating. Of course, there are a few stubborn exceptions.
Thomas Cranmer: Bishop Fisher, I assume.
George Boleyn: True.
Thomas Cranmer: May I ask who else?
George Boleyn: The archbishop himself, Warham. After years being perfectly pliable, he suddenly become rather intransigent.
Thomas Wyatt: It's because he's old, and consequently, he's closer to his maker, to whom in due course he must explain himself.
Thomas Cromwell: Well, I'm sure that there'll be a simple matter of him to explain how he helped liberate his church from superstition, religious falsehood and ecclesiastical greed.

"The Tudors: The Definition of Love (#2.6)" (2008)
George Boleyn: Oh, my Lord! What in God's name is that?
Thomas Cromwell: It;s called a printing press, my lord,
[reading the paper in an intelligible voice]
Thomas Cromwell: and it will change the world!

"The Tudors: Matters of State (#2.7)" (2008)
George Boleyn: If you could read Greek, Meater, you'd know that even the Greeks had problems with their wives.

"The Tudors: Lady in Waiting (#2.8)" (2008)
Jane Parker: [Enraged] You've just come from another's bed! Do not deny it!
George Boleyn: Very well, I shan't.
Jane Parker: [Very distressed] What makes it worse is that you've not forsaken my bed for that of another woman but another man!
[They both are silent, and after a moment she realizes from the look on his face that it's true]
Jane Parker: Oh, God! Oh, my God, it's true! Oh, my God, it's disgusting! It's a sin!
George Boleyn: [Fearing her voice will be heard] Shhhh!
Jane Parker: [Livid] It's a sin against God! It's a sin against Nature! All those that practice it are condemned by the Gospels to live forever in Purgatory!
George Boleyn: [Bitterly and sarcasticly] Sometimes, my love, I think that with you I'm already condemned to live in Purgatory.
[He throws her down on the floor and leaves]