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Quotes for
Wade (Character)
from House of Wax (2005)

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House of Wax (2005)
Carly Jones: [Carly hears a noise outside the tent] Wade, wake up. Wade! I heard something.
Wade: Yeah, it's probably the serial killers or something.

[scraping a piece of the House of Wax off with his knife]
Wade: It is wax, like... literally.

Nick Jones: Bye, Wade.
Wade: Asshole.

Wade: I just don't get what his beef is with me.
Carly Jones: Nick has beef with everyone.

Wade: I'm sorry, we just needed a fan belt.
Bo: A fanbelt? You walk in on a funeral for a fucking fanbelt?

Wade: [sniffing something foul in the air] Something's dead out there.
Blake: [sniffing also] Nuh uh. Something's dead right here.

Wade: [runs a lighter along one of Vincent's waxed miniature statues and talking in a silly voice] Oh no, there's a fire! Help me, Carly! My skirt's gonna catch on fire, my legs are all hot, you're my hero!
Carly Jones: [stopping him] That's not cool.

[Carly sees a human face in the window that moves away]
Wade: [after she jumps] What?
Carly Jones: I just saw somebody!
Wade: It was probably a wax thing.
Carly Jones: No, no, it wasn't a wax thing, it was moving and it was freaky looking!

Wade: [notices how well Nick throws the football to Blake] Nice arm... I can see why they gave you a scholarship.
Nick Jones: [holds up hand] Yeah, it's a real tragedy, ain't it?
Wade: Yeah... it is.

[seeing all the fan belts]
Wade: He has everything but a 15 inch fan belt. Where is he anyway? He said he'd be 30 minutes, its been almost 45.
Wade: I guess I'll have to make do with a 16.
[grabs it]
Bo: [from behind] You plan on stealing that?
Wade: [startled] No, I ah - I left money by the cash register.
[indeed he did as a $20 bill lies there]

Blake: [to the stranger in the truck] Yo, man. You need something?
Carly Jones: What does he want?
Wade: Hey, can you turn off your lights, please?
[no response]
Paige Edwards: Okay, this is getting kinda creepy.
Blake: Hey, come on, man, get out of here! Nothing to see here, let's go!
Wade: Can we help you?
Carly Jones: Maybe we're on his property?
Wade: Nah, we didn't pass the gate.
Blake: Hey man, turn your lights off! Hello? Turn your lights off! No, I'm serious. Turn your lights off or I'll whip this on your ass!
Wade: Hey, hey, it's cool, man.
[Nick throws a bottle and smashes one of the headlights]
Carly Jones: NICK!
Carly Jones: Oh, my...
Dalton Chapman: [yelling at the man in the truck] WHAT?

[Wade starts up his car. It rumbles badly for a second and then cuts out]
Wade: [looking under hood] What the hell?
[sees broken fan belt]
Wade: I just bought this fan belt. It's brand new.
[throwing it on the ground]
Wade: Someone has got to be fucking with me!

Carly Jones: This Vincent guy is quite the artist.
Wade: Yeah. I think this Vincent guy needs therapy.

Wade: [to a dog he thinks is made of wax] What up, dog?

Carly Jones: [approaching the door to the wax museum] Doesn't 'closed' mean 'I don't want you in here?'
Wade: Relax. No one'll care
Carly Jones: What if's someone's here?
Wade: [calling out] Hello? Anyone in here?
[after silence]
Wade: See? Fine. Look how cool this is. Everything in here is wax, the floors, the walls, look at this!
[gestures to a large ornament]
Wade: This is wax
Carly Jones: [sarcastic] Yeah, cool, awesome.
Wade: Who are these people supposed to be? Aren't there supposed to be famous people in a wax museum? I don't recognize this guy.