Papa Smurf
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Papa Smurf (Character)
from "The Smurfs" (1981)

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The Smurfs (2011)
Papa: I'm 546 years old... I'm getting too old for this.

Papa: Well, Master Winslow, thank you. You saved my whole family.
Patrick Winslow: Actually, I think it was the other way around.
Papa: Well, I should get going. I've got a Smurf village to rebuild. Your village has given me some ideas...
[Patrick and Papa Smurf hug]
Patrick Winslow: Goodbye, Papa.
Papa: Goodbye... papa.

Papa: I'm sorry, Master Winslow, but we badly need to borrow your stargazer.
Patrick Winslow: I don't have a stargazer, okay? It's not something people of this century just have, especially here.
Grouchy: Not happy.
Patrick Winslow: Now if you excuse me, I have to work.
Papa: Well, perhaps we can sing to help things along. And then we'll get the stargazer. Come along, Smurfs.
[La la la la la la Sing, a happy song La la la la la la Smurf the whole day long]
Patrick Winslow: Stop. Stop! Come on. None of you find that song just the tiniest bit annoying?
Grouchy: I find it annoying.
Papa: Well, what do you sing at work?
Patrick Winslow: I don't sing at work.
Smurfette: [gasps] What?
Gutsy: And you have to wear a leash. Harsh.
Smurfette: I know. How about if we hum?
[they begin humming the song]
Patrick Winslow: Please stop humming.

Patrick Winslow: Do you guys drink coffee?
Papa: Is a Smurf's butt blue?

Patrick Winslow: So, tell me... that weird guy in the tatty bathrobe, at the toy store?
Papa: Gargamel?
Patrick Winslow: He's not really a wizard, is he?
Papa: Not the smartest of sorcerers, but dangerous just the same! Back home, I could hold him at bay with a spell or two. But here, without my books and potions... well, today we got lucky, but next time who knows?
Patrick Winslow: What are you gonna do?
Papa: I'll do anything and everything I can do to get my Smurfs home! I won't ever give up! They're my family, and you never give up on your family!

Patrick Winslow: Doesn't it freak you out sometimes? I mean, all those little guys depending on you... I mean, what if you screw up? How do you know when you're ready?
Papa: Let me ask you something: why did you come for us today when your Grace called?
Patrick Winslow: She needed me, and I heard it in her voice.
Papa: That's what being a papa is. It comes time, you just do.
[points at his head]
Papa: Knowing what to do doesn't come from here... it comes from here, where it matters most.
[points at Patrick's belly]
Patrick Winslow: My spleen?
Papa: No, your heart! I'm trying to have a moment here, you whippersnapper!
Patrick Winslow: You're a good papa, Papa.
Papa: You'll be a good one, too.

Papa: [laughs] Here, come sit on Papa's lap!
Patrick Winslow: Uh...
Papa: Oh, yeah. Right. Scratch that.
Patrick Winslow: Yeah, probably not the best idea...

Patrick Winslow: To review, you guys come from a magic forest where you live in oversized mushrooms...
Papa: Yes.
Patrick Winslow: ...and you're being chased by an evil wizard...
Papa: Yeah.
Patrick Winslow: ...and you're trapped in New York until there's a blue moon...
Papa: Very good.
Patrick Winslow: ...and you like to use the extremely imprecise term "smurf" for just about everything.
Brainy: Smurf-xactly!

[hurls a fork at him]

The Smurfs 2 (2013)
[from trailer]
Papa: It doesn't matter where you came from. What matters is who you choose to be.

Papa: Listen up, smurfs. I saved water form the last blue moon for just such an occasion. I was able to smurf it into these smurf-portation crystals.
Brainy Smurf: Oh, so you don't need a portal. Very clever, Papa.
Papa: Smurf-xactly.

The Smurfs and the Magic Flute (1976)
Le grand Schtroumpf: Those other smurfs are all a hundred years old and they think they are all grown up now.
Johan: A hundred?
Peewit: Well then how old are you?
Le grand Schtroumpf: On my last birthday, I turned 542.
Peewit: Oh boy! You sure don't look it!

Peewit: I'm so sick!
Le grand Schtroumpf: Peewit, be brave. You'll soon feel better.
Brainy Smurf: Hopefully you weren't foolish enough to eat bad food. Like strawberries with onions and tuna.