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Miranda (Character)
from Twitches Too (2007) (TV)

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Twitches Too (2007) (TV)
Miranda: Aron, I miss you so much.

Miranda: I'm so relieved to know that your safe.
Camryn Barnes: Safe? Why wouldn't I be safe, we just destroyed Thantos and the Darkness. Right?
[turns to face Ileana]
Camryn Barnes: Right?
Ileana: Right.
[looks to Queen Miranda]
Ileana: Right?
Miranda: Right.

Miranda: So we'll have to make do without her, even though I believe I specifically request the presence of both of my daughters.
Ileana: See I told you she'd notice.
Karsh: Look, I'm trying.

Miranda: Since Ileana is your protector she will also be your teacher.
Ileana: Don't worry I'm a cool teacher. We can totally have class on the lawn... If the dragons aren't loose.

Karsh: Work to do? Secure the Kingdom? What are you talking about?
Miranda: I don't want to alarm them until we're certain. But there's something moving through the Shadow Lands. Something evil.
Karsh: Thantos, he's still alive?
Ileana: But if he regains human form the first thing he'll do is go after the twins.
Miranda: I know. Use and illuminating spell to secure the entrances, then meet me in the dungeons. I want every inch of this castle searched.
Karsh: Should I insist that Alex return to Coventry? And by insist I mean beg, plead, and congeal...
Miranda: No... for now she might actually be safter in her own dimension.

Miranda: In two days the sun and the moon will be in perfect alignment.
Alex Fielding: A solar eclipse.
Miranda: And both of you will be at your most powerful.

Alex Fielding: I think we're safe.
Miranda: Hi.
Camryn Barnes, Alex Fielding: AH!
Miranda: Isn't there a spell you should be studying?

Miranda: He was funny, sweet, and strong. I was just about your age when I meet him at the Winter Festival. Ended up dancing the whole night together, and when it was over he said he wanted to give me a present so I'd remember him forever. I could pick whatever I wanted.
Camryn Barnes: What did you ask for?
Miranda: A star, from the North sky.
[Miranda can see their confused so she shows them Aron's gift]
Alex Fielding: It's a real star.
Camryn Barnes: Good gift.
Miranda: I never told anyone that story. It was our secret.