Vivian Charles
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Vivian Charles (Character)
from "Pushing Daisies" (2007)

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"Pushing Daisies: Bzzzzzzzzz! (#2.1)" (2008)
Vivian Charles: It was her father's. I'm sure it's teeming with fungus and microscopic bugs that feed on flakes of human skin, but she was fond of it.

Vivian Charles: You need a drink. Lily, give her your bag.

Ned: What's gotten into you?
Olive Snook: I'm a sawed off shotgun full of secrets!
Vivian Charles: Did she just say she was armed?

"Pushing Daisies: Girth (#1.5)" (2007)
Vivian Charles: Halloween is a busy time of year for us.
Lily Charles: Some neighborhood children started rumors that we were witches. They said that we turn little boys into birds.
Ned: That's terrible.
Parrot: Rawk! Help me, help me. They turned me into a bird.
Vivian Charles: Scares the woolies outta them.

[Chuck, wearing a white bedsheet with two holes for the eyes, goes up to her aunts' house and rings the doorbell]
Vivian Charles: Is that clock right? It's two o'clock in the am!
Lily Charles: I'll get my gun.
Vivian Charles: And I'll get the candy bowl!

[about his father]
Ned: He was emotionally stunted, afraid of getting close, definitely not the best at goodbyes...
Vivian Charles: "Jackass" is as good a word as any.

"Pushing Daisies: The Norwegians (#2.10)" (2008)
Olive Snook: This gives me pause.
Vivian Charles: A manicure might help.

Vivian Charles: Mr. Cod, I'm here against my better judgment considering the callous braggadocio with which you previously gave me the heave-ho.
Emerson Cod: Well, if I did do any ho-heavin' it was for your own good. There's a time for callous braggadocio and a time for sensitivity. To the Norwegians, that time is never.
Vivian Charles: I suppose it's a holdover from their Viking ancestry. It would be difficult to rape and pillage with the subtlety of a humanist.

"Pushing Daisies: The Fun in Funeral (#1.3)" (2007)
Olive Snook: Someone has made you the happy recipients of a pie from The Pie Hole. As in "shut your." Or, in this case, "open your," because it's really good!
Vivian Charles: [thoughtful] Pie Hole... I like it, it's provocative.

Vivian Charles: Pies for breakfast always remind me of mother.
Lily Charles: Vermouth always reminds me of mother.

"Pushing Daisies: Window Dressed to Kill (#2.11)" (2009)
Vivian Charles: The news of your engagement has restored in me a faith that true love exists for people who deserve it.
Olive Snook: That's so depressing...

"Pushing Daisies: Robbing Hood (#2.7)" (2008)
Olive Snook: Uh, and what type of duty are you in again? Clergy? Tax services?
Lily Charles: Dwight collects and appraises antiques, which I learned right after he told me he's dating my sister.
Vivian Charles: Lily is naturally suspicious of new liaisons, but I felt compelled to come clean about our relationship. Sneaking around is for politicians in bathroom stalls.
Dwight Dixon: Not for a brisk and bucolic autumn-come-winter afternoon on the park.

"Pushing Daisies: Pie-lette (#1.1)" (2007)
Vivian: Charlotte was a nice girl.
Lily: With the exception of puberty
Vivian: Which was unfortunately when Lily was going through a "change of life".
Lily: Impolite to discuss a person's menopause in mixed company.
Vivian: It nearly killed me.
Lily: Horrible, the way Charlotte died - on a cruise. Last days spent surrounded by middle-aged overweight women who wear sweatshirts with things sewn to them.
Vivian: Usually kittens made of felt.
Lily: The food is perfectly atrocious - unless she enjoyed vomiting and diarrhea. I can't imagine she had a good last meal.
Emerson Cod: Good last meal can go a long way. Our penal system makes a point of it.

"Pushing Daisies: Kerplunk (#2.13)" (2009)
Vivian Charles: We small-boned persons are vulnerable to exoduses of the mass and panicked variety.

"Pushing Daisies: Oh Oh Oh... It's Magic (#2.6)" (2008)
Vivian Charles: ...and you certainly took your time to come calling. Charles has been dead for twenty years.
Dwight Dixon: I've been in prison for twenty-two.
Vivian Charles: Emotional or federal?
Dwight Dixon: I'm gonna say yes to both.

"Pushing Daisies: Smell of Success (#1.7)" (2007)
Olive Snook: No, no. Five fingers. Five toes. Us Snooks are boring that way. I had a cousin with a third nipple. He'd let you see it for a dollar.
Vivian Charles: How fascinating.
Lily Charles: And a bargain, too.

"Pushing Daisies: Pigeon (#1.4)" (2007)
Lefty Lem: Elsa?
Elsita: I'm Elsita. Jackson?
Lefty Lem: I'm Lem.
Elsita: Elsa was my mama.
Lefty Lem: Jackson was my prison bunkmate.
Vivian Charles: Is "bunkmate" a euphemism for -
Lefty Lem: Not in this case, ma'am.