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Quotes for
Kane (Character)
from Command & Conquer (1995) (VG)

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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (2007) (VG)
Kane: You can't kill the messiah.

Kane: Philadelphia was just the beginning...

John Huck: Unbelievable.
Kane: [interrupting the Breaking news] The destruction of the Philadelphia was not an accident. It was a merciful bullet to the head of a belligerent ideology. It was the death of fear and the birth of hope. Rejoice children of NOD. The blood of your oppressors will flow and fifty years of tyranny will finally end. Transformation is coming. A new day will dawn. The future... is ours.
John Huck: [contact with Breaking News is re-established] Hold on, we're getting Breaking News now from our northwestern reporter.
Reporter: [under attacked by NOD forces] It just came out of nowhere, no warning, nothing! The bombs started dropping. And for what we can tell there is no sign of GDI retaliation at all. We can call this a massacre.

Kane: General Qatar tells me you have never met. Besides you she's the best military asset that we have. Philadelphia strike was her idea.
Kilian Qatar: Hum. My idea I guess but it was your vision that made it possible.
Kane: And the commander that made it possible.

Kane: Of course I couldn't have planned an ambush by MY OWN FORCES.

Kane: I want you to have the privilege to strat the third tiberium war. The war to end all wars.
[adressing the commander with enthusiasm]
Kane: Go ahead my son. Push the button. Inscribe your place in history with the blood of GDI.

Kane: Philadelphia was only the beginning. Our forces was spreaded like great plague across the earth. Every your blue zone will fill our red.

Kane: I I want you to have the privilege to start the third tiberium war. The war to end all wars.
[addressing the commander with enthusiasm]
Kane: Go ahead my son. Push the button. Inscribe your place in history with the blood of GDI.

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (2010) (VG)
[Crowd is screaming while Kane is finishing his speech]
Kane: Peace through powe...
[Gunshot is heard and Kane falls down to the floor]

Kane: Commander, you are quite a adapt leader, but you should know there is much more to this war and to this Tiberium Network than what's has been revealed to you. Let me show YOU the truth. Join me and leave the ignorance of GDI behind you.

[Kane looks down at you while you are lying down in agony]
Kane: You are all so... fragile.

[Colonel James points her gun at you, when Kane comes into the frame and stranglers her]
Kane: He was not yours to take!
[Kane stranglers James harder and the camera pans away]

[Kane looks at you with a grin]
Kane: You looking good. Here, see for yourself.
[Kane puts a mirror in-front of you and you see in the reflection that you look identical to Kane himself]

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (1999) (VG)
Kane: I am the future. The Tiberian Sun has risen!

Kane: It would be a sad error in judgement to mistake me for a corpse.

[McNeil finds a monitor with Kane on it explaining to him about Jake's fate]
Kane: I am sorry to hear about your dear brother. He died in a slow,yet painful death.

Command & Conquer (1995) (VG)
Kane: We have waited centuries for this moment. The rivers will flow with the blood of those who oppose us.

Seth: [with a display of the U.S] Well done! You are truly becoming Kane's favorite. How would you like to ensure your place in the highest echelons of Nod? Surely you are ambitious enough to take on a mission of tremendous magnitude. Your goal is so secret even Kane knows nothing of it yet. You'll see, power shifts quickly in the brotherhood.
[looks around]
Seth: I've taken the liberty of dispatching your troops to the U.S. Kane's been loathe to attack America, but I feel that it's time, and that you're the one to do it
[clicks button; image is replaced by the Pentagon]
Seth: This is the Pentagon. A full frontal attack with your strongest forces should render their military center of operation...
[a hand with a gun appears from the side of the screen and shoots Seth. The man pushes Seth's corpse to the floor and sits in his chair. He is bald with a goatee and non-descript black clothes]
Kane: Yes, power shifts more quickly than some people think
Kane: I am Kane. While I bring your troops back from the States, I want you to take what men you have left and secure this abandoned GDI base. Once in, build up an arsenal of weapons and use them to wipe out the remaining GDI presence
[moves to leave but suddenly stays]
Kane: Oh! And...
Kane: Congratulations on your promotion
[looks at Seth's corpse O.S]

Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath (2008) (VG)
Kane: Our enemies believe we have been defeated, And that I am no longer among the living. They are gravely mistaken.